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Patch Notes - 3/16/18


I only had 5 legendary streaks but I kinda of appreciate the streak change for us obsessive & compulsive types… I’m free :smiley:

However, I’m quite wary of the change that purchases award coins too. I absolutely loved how fair and no-strings-attached the old coin system was. I can’t help thinking that this new system will get skewed somehow. The game industry has made me cynical and I have a bad feeling about this.


Nice work guys, i’m so happy that you listen to pepole! I like very much these changes!


Yo, I’ve been a fan of your service for a long time now, but this update has definitely cemented you as my favourite online merchants. I really like what you’re doing and I hope things only get better for you.


You guys rule! Awesome changes, all of them!


Overall, I like the new changes - even though I was perfectly content with the old system.

If nothing else, it may end up saving the Chrono staff a few hours of investigating mysterious streak resets (which I’m fairly certain 9 out of 10 times was a result of user error).

Maybe I’m not understanding what you’re saying, but isn’t the community link still prominently displayed in the top menu bar?


This reminds me of something I’ve always meant to ask you: Can I have your Nostradamus of Poop badge when you are dead?


Any non-steam codes on the way? I’m pretty swamped with steam codes as is, but PS4/XBO/3DS/Switch would be Awesome! ^^


It seems to dynamically change based on your browser window size. At my window size only Coin Shop is visible. I don’t know if forcing coin shop and community to always be visible no matter the window is a viable thing to do, but I’d prefer if it was.


Well that crosses that off my list.


So I’m rather new to the Chrono community and while this is great - I did notice that because of the change, it boosted me past the 7 and 14 day chests (the former of which I was getting close to grabbing before the change) and robbed me of the rewards from either. That’s not cool. :c


read, the, notes…
system is changed
because of these changes, it will inevitably “reset”/skip some users “streaks”/rewards according to the old reward system
because of this, -chrono is giving you 2500coins (the same as a 30day streak reward), which should make up for any potential lost reward, and then some…


Wow this is great I love the change :slight_smile:


The streak system was good, but I can agree with the changes. I bet it was a few hours A Day dealing with missing/broken streaks. I am still Unbroken, but 1 day (or spin) short of champion.

I can’t wait to try out the new buy-a-game-get-coins process, as I am taking full credit for suggesting this.

-Mink “Credit Taker”


So, you just reset people’s streaks to zero instead of converting it to spins? Great. I bet there are so many people “happy” about that.


that’s not what’s happening…

the entire system is changed -to make it more forgiving, to the benefit of “us” users…
to facilitate this change, the system changed in a manner in how “streaks” are calculated (streaks are actually removed now)
which means some had their “streaks”, sorta, reset/flipped
so they give you 2500 coins, which would have been more than the user that was landing a potential 30day streak “today” might have missed out on
so you didn’t lose anything…
and going onward the system change is only benefiting you/“us” in that it’s more forgiving in allowing your rewards should you “miss” a day or two now… (since now it’s counting total clicks, and not “consecutive” streaking)


inb4 Gnuffi gets a gnome headache…


How come they don’t lose? People who hit 30 day streak yesterday got “30-Day Bonus Chest” points + 2500 points. People who should have hit 30 day streak today got 2500 points. It’s exactly “30-Day Bonus Chest” points less, than they should have get, so they lost those points. People are unhappy about it, and they have a reason.
And people who was on first day of streak have a reason to be happy - they got 2500 points for free.


they didn’t lose it
they would have gotten aprox 2400 coins had the change not occurred
because of the change in system, how it’s calculated is different
so yea some lucky few will ofc be lucky and get "that bit extra"
but those that would have gotten a 30 day streak today, tomorrow etc, under the old system, still lose nothing, because they get the 2500 coins compensation
follow here, without system change, those people would get 30day streak reward, with system change they still get the reward (just in a different form) so the amount they end up getting is the same for the vast majority of users
only a few lucky people that has their total combined streak align up completely perfect, actually gets it as a bonus, while the rest still don’t lose out on anything, despite not getting that same, because they still woudln’t have gotten it under the old streak calculation…


So, it’s a reward to people with 0 days streak. Great. Not frustrating at all.


This is killing me… I tried to purchase Mini Metro the moment it was released on my iPhone’s browser… which wouldn’t fully load the website. I get home about an hour later and the keys are all sold out.

and it’s happening all over again… away from home…


I guess I need to readjust my personal definition for first-world problems again…