Patch Notes - 3/16/18


We don’t normally announce site changes like this, but we’ve made some significant changes to how Chrono Coins work, so we wanted to give everyone a heads up. Here we go!

  • Coin streaks have been replaced :exploding_head:
    Just over a year ago we launched the Chrono Coins system that many of you are familiar with. The intent of this system was to reward folks who visited the site regularly, and encourage those who didn’t to check back a bit more often. This has been an amazing success and one of the most popular features of the site, but over the last 12 months we’ve noticed that the concept of streaks have been frustrating for some users (and us!). Losing a streak after 29 days of faithfully clicking the coin is a bummer, and there’s always the feeling that maybe the site screwed up. So, starting today, coin streaks have been replaced with a total spin count. In other words, you no longer have to click the coin on consecutive days. Every 3, 7, 14, and 30 times you click the coin, even if there are days (or weeks, or months!) in between, you’ll earn the same bonus chests that you know and love. We know not everyone will love this change, particularly the amazing individuals who have been streaking for over a year now, but we hope everyone can understand our reason for making this change. Plus, we created a little surprise for the hardcore streakers. :wink: Oh, and one more thing, as a token of our appreciation, everyone will receive a bonus 2,500 coins later today. :raised_hands:

As part of replacing streaks with total spins, it was necessary to modify where each person was at in their “track” to the next chest. To do this, each user’s total number of spins was divided by 30, and the difference was where their new position would be. For example: if a user had 72 total spins previously, they would now be at spin number 12, 2 days away from an epic chest. This means that, depending on how many total spins a user had, they could’ve either been moved closer to a chest, or farther away. Unfortunately, some people were quite close to an epic or legendary chest, and this changed move them farther away, that’s why we’re granting everyone 2,500 coins later today to make up for this. Apologies for the confusion!

  • Coins when you buy :money_with_wings:
    That’s right, when you buy the featured daily deal, you’ll also receive Chrono Coins! You’ll see the amount of coins you’ll receive in the purchase modal (the window that pops up when you press the “BUY GAME” button). Note: you must have an account and be signed in to receive coins.

  • Show/hide keys :closed_lock_with_key:
    A long requested feature, you can now show or hide your game keys on your orders page. Next to each key there’s a toggle button that will blur out the key so you can keep track of what you’ve redeemed OR keep prying eyes away from your precious codes. One thing to note, some keys from our first few months of existing can’t be hidden, but we’re working on this. For now, blame @dusty.

  • Redeem on Steam :wind_face:
    You can now redeem your key on Steam right from the browser. Just click the Steam button next to your key in the purchase success modal and you’ll be taken to the Steam website to redeem the key. Speed! Efficiency! MAGIC!

  • Visual improvements :lipstick:
    Along with those big changes, we made a multitude of minor visual changes throughout the site to fix bugs or improve the user experience. What’s your favorite (or least favorite!) visual change?

Questions? Concerns? Happy? Sad? Irate? Let us know in the comments below!






Now I cannot remember my streak. 368?


This… is…


question: won’t this, plus the new spin system, make the games run out even faster? I mean, I’m 100% sure you guys, being such wise mods, will find a way to keep that sweet equilibrium going, but I’m wondering how you’ll approach the store pricing with the new coin system in place! Just curious.

Above all, thanks for the wonderful work. :yellow_heart:


Even if it doesn’t affect anything, any chance that we could still see our streak?


We have some plans to help with this (soon tm)


Well thought and beneficial changes, keep up the good work!


Must be frustrating for those who were going to get there legendary chest today, but got reseted back to 0.


I love surprises :grin:


great stuff


was this change supposed to set me to zero spins? I was supposed to hit 6 or 7 today but instead hit 3.


so, patch day, -anyone else experiencing a bunch of forum bugs/issues atm? :thinking:
dusty! remember to take your spanner out off the gears before you press the start button :smile:

(i keep getting page loading errors, “429” errors when i try to “like” something, etc etc)

PS, reading the patch notes, i like what i see, :slightly_smiling_face:
-as usual Chrono seem to be a place that listens a lot to their community/customers, and tries to accommodate how/where possible :hugs: :+1:


absolutely most definitely wholeheartedly yes.


Looks like my streak got reset. I was a few days away for 30 day reward, and now I’m on day 5.


@Gnuffi You shoooould only (mostly) be experiencing issues with the forum which runs on a software called Discourse. If you’re experiencing funky stuff on the main site let us know and we’ll get on it right away


Neat as always!


Just lost legendary chest for just one day lovely. Now all I see is spins


HAPPY! I like whats gone on, the site itself looks sleeker, and the laxness on streaks is most appreciated!


i like your site a lot but why you changed the site today?? :frowning: today was the 29th day of another legendary streak my 8th i believe feelsbadman. But still like your site a lot <3