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I totally did get my 2500 coins that were in the patch notes. thx Chrono ;)


I looked at the patch notes and it said that every user will get 2500 coins. I login daily and and have done for about 5 months but haven’t got anything. Anyone else had this issue?


“later today”

-so patience…




Me rn


2500? And i don’t have them either… Lemme think.


Screw the coins. I want the “little surprise coming soon for the hardcore streakers.”


So what time am I supposed to get the bonus coins?


Later today I suppose


Clearly we need a countdown timer!
So I made one
Hope that helps everyone.


Your countdown was surprisingly close, but (at least for me) was off by about an hour and 13 minutes. Not bad :clap:

Just out of curiosity, how did you come up with the time? Did someone clue you in or was it a guesstimate?


I just set it for midnight PDT.


Got the bonus coins, thanks Chrono.


have I missed something I am still on the chest streak and did not get the coins.


You’re a good month late to this party so I’m afraid you’re going to have to provide us with a little more context to your inquiry if you want us to be able to help.


Like logging in everyday and clicking the coins and you work your way up, 3 day, 7 day, 14 day, 30 day. that is what still happens right or is not supposed to be something else now? I just had my 2nd legendary chest open yesterday.


Yes that still happens. The change that was made is that you do no longer have to do it every day, you won’t lose your progress if you forget a day. In every other regard it works just as before.


I see now I looked though my TRANSACTION HISTORY I see it was added lol, I just never clicked on the patch notes and never realized lol.