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Patch Notes - 3/16/18


thought so, no issue on the main page for me, only the forum -no worries :+1:
i’ll hold my "press dat like button"eagerness for a moment then :wink:
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Ditto on the 429 error. I have gotten it about 6 or 7 times when I try to like something.

Vivaldi 1.14.1077.50



We must be earnest and austere in these trying times

edit: I’m serious (heh) don’t like this post come on guys wow really


Okay, I was 3 days away from the legendary chest, now it’s “26 more spins”. What’s going on?


I think what happens is that now it’s based on your total number of spins, so if yr total number of spins is a plural of 30 + 4, then u’d be 26 spins away from the next total of 30…


Those changes are really nice, but i have one request:
could you still display the current and longest streak? i had over 150 days of daily clicking, i would live to still be able to see that.
Thanks for giving us those great deals!


RIP Streaks. Would’ve been my 367th day, but I can now regain my sanity.


yo u just liked my post, u must live by what u preach…


I like this


Why did my streak reset? I was few days away from Legendary streak and now, it’s like this:

Can you fix this please?


Hmm, yeah, I guess you’re right. Still seems a bit unfair.

Buuut, I am complaining about a free feature, so there’s that…


well, the thing is, though it might seem unfair, now yr guaranteed all yr legendary streaks; u were a number of days away from getting one, but u had no guarantee that u’d actually not miss it by missing one single day, now at least u’ll get it no matter how many days u miss as long as u do get to 30 and plurals of 30


Lol, got to ask, there any way to claim all the chests that we have yet to get now that they are all combined?
Im guessing no, but cant hurt to ask


2,500 coins should more than make up for your lost streaks, guys. :butterfly:

(sorry for big words it’s just that I feel this went unnoticed)

EDIT: @harith my darling stop liking a bit please this forum is crashing more than early plane prototypes.


like i said, plurals of 30, u need to get to yr next plural of 30 to get yr next legendary streak, which at least now u won’t miss if u miss a day here and there


k well that should settle that, right? i mean y


Sorry…wrong button!



stop liking???



So, you changed the streak system two days before I would have got my first ever legendary streak. :hear_no_evil: There goes my last hope of reaching it. Having a closer look, it’s even worse since now I’m 22 days away from the legendary chest :weary: (due to having 68 total spins, so I see the logic behind it).

However, I really like and appreciate the changes! I see how they will improve things for everyone. Moreover, the new site looks great. I love the coin status bar. And maybe I can get that sweet legendary chest 3 weeks from now…

Edit: The emoji count was a bit high. (: