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Patch Notes - 3/16/18


ok so I am also having some weird issues with the forums, can’t scroll to the last comments sometimes and loading issues as well


I’m old and I don’t like changes. You’ve disturbed my circles and I don’t like it. That personal bias aside here are a few thoughts I have reasons for though.

Coins for purchases
Gamifying spending is something I have always been very wary of as it encourages people to buy stuff they don’t maybe really want or need. On the other hand it encourages spending so I can certainly see why stores likes to do it and “everyone does it” so why shouldn’t chrono?

The only real objection I might have is if the coins gained from purchases starts to greatly overshadow those gained from spins and chests also causing coin store prices to rise dramatically. Today it’s a $3 game that gives you 50 coins, is this going to be the going rate?
Then average price would have to be about $9(150 coins) over the month for a daily buyer to gain twice as many coins as someone who just collects. @EMCL mentions plans in the pipeline for the coin situation so we’ll see where it goes. But these are my concerns on the matter.

Visual improvements
Hiding community links behind a drop down menu is not an improvement in my opinion. I feel that the community is something worth promoting with a permanent on screen presence. The forum is an interactive part of the site the same as the coin shop and main page as opposed to past deals and about us pages which are static info things which I also doubt see as much traffic as the aforementioned. I feel that letting Coin Shop and Community be their own items on the top border is a better divide, keeping the rest under the More menu.

The spin tracker
Does not update when a chest is claimed, the same way the coin does not update and grey out. I don’t know if it should update or not, but it doesn’t. Since I got to claim a chest this day I of course have not been able to see if it updates fluidly when only coin spin happens.

Also I see a lot of people talk about their current chest progress being reset. This did not happen to me. Today was day 14 for me and the progress was on 13 spins before I clicked and gained the 2 week chest.

Oh well… Sad to see it go, now where did I leave my trousers?

Show/hide keys
This looks great, I like the visual effect of replacing the key with XXXX AND blurring it out. Very nice. However it seems to me like it’d make more sense if the keys were hidden by default and action were to be taken in order to reveal it. That might be the case already, can’t tell since I have not purchased anything new yet.

Redeem on steam
Useful functionality always welcome.

As others have mentioned the forum seems greatly unstable since the site update, but the main site itself seems to have no glaring faults.


big, fat <3
(as usual)


Sounds good to me. I always wondered if buying games would eventually net coins since it’s kind of your best outcome for the coin system. :slight_smile:

Always good to not lose streaks if I go on vacation or something though.


Nice! Great job on the release!


You’re covered. It is the same for all.

I was just shy of my 365 Day *ahem Gold Badge that I was promised.


Hey; first of all, as a newer user of your platform, this sounds like a really awesome update and I’m really looking forward to the changes :smiley:

Secondly, I’m not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but I think there’s a bug with receiving Bonus Coins from the daily purchase; clicking the daily coins is fine, but after purchasing the daily deal the 50 Bonus Coins were never added to my displayed total - they appear in my ‘Transaction History’, but the total coins displayed next to my User icon and elsewhere is 50 less than it should be (which means the coins in my Transaction History and the coins displayed on my account don’t match (I’ve not spent any coins yet, if that’s important)).

Many thanks for reading, and again I’m really looking forward to the changes introduced in this update ^^


It isn’t though.
Or maybe I’m the only one who got my chest as usual?


The top spin looks like it’s your 29th, if 15 spins prior was your 14-day bonus; also, if your 14-day bonus occurs on a lighter purple line rather than a darker purple line, since they alternate, your 30-day streak (16 days later) would also occur on a lighter purple line, since 16 is a natural multiple of 2

But I might just be miscounting


I’m the one who loves the new spin system. Glad to see these exciting changes!


You did? Oh well, I just got a three-day chest, when I was a few days short from the 30 Day one.

Oh well, who cares? I am more sad about my 365 DAY GOLD BADGE! WTF is it, eh @lonin @dusty?!?!? You did this deliberately, didn’t you? Just to rob me of my precious badge I wantses, now I am not obsesses over its or anything but we do feel nakeds withouts it, don’t we precious?




Oh, wait, never mind. Good Job Chrono. :+1:


I like this, but I noticed that yesterday that i was one day away from a legendary chest but today I am 2 spins from an epic ?_?


Great changes! Thanks for working hard and listening to the people :slight_smile:
Woot free coins!!!


The changes seem good, but did you have to do it on the day I was about to hit a Legendary streak, huh? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was supposed to get my 14 day chest today. Instead I am now 6 “spins” away from a legendary and I was counting on that 14 day to get a game I want out of the shop this week, before it’s sold out. The changes are fine but not resetting the users, especially the ones that were going to get chests today.



You are getting 2,500 Coins later on.


I’m quite disappointed that no one posted this here, so I’ll have to do it.

Also, I like the changes, for now.


I feel your pain. I never got to the glorious 300…
Only reached 299 with number 300 coming up tomorrow. Heh.

Oh well. Guess its a healthy change though, don’t have to feel compelled to check every day to keep the streak alive.


Actually, I did. I also read a bunch of reply posts, and saw a lot of other users complaining about the same thing being reset and missing out on chests. It’s not much of a bonus if you were supposed to get a chest anyway.


i feel like a lot of people are missing (or just not reading at all) parts of the post

the “streak” system is gone and it’s changed in the process too,
so just because you were about to get a reward today/soon from a consecutive streak before; doesn’t mean it applies to the new changes of total combined coin clicks made now

I have a problem.