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Patch Notes - 3/16/18


wow, very nice indeed



-proudest achievement of my life :cry:(happy/pride tear) -no other moment will ever compare :trophy:
i can rest in peace having accomplished all i ever need :smile:

-:thinking:, wait wut :hushed: 2nd place?! “oh heeell no!” :triumph: :man_facepalming:



There were sooooo MANY of us!!


For fuck‘s sake. I have to maintain my streak still?!


No, this is purely static, streaks are gone for good. :slight_smile:




So, that first place is persistent? I thought this was an ongoing leaderboard.
Can I spend 40k coins to move my name up? :eye::eye:


An official page to make the 2nd dayers feel bad? Dope


Forever we shall rule the people that came after us!


:laughing: :rofl: :laughing:

-i feel no less pride as a 2nd dayer(the true day 1er’s)



Very nice, @lonin! :clap:

I just wish that I had shown up here a year earlier…But I am glad I am here now!


Thanks for the recognition!


Nice, 50 people maintained a perfect streak since day 1!

I wonder if someone still has all their coins. I have 50,088, having spent 8k. :wink:

TBH I sort of hoped that surprise would be some 50k coin AAA game, but eternal fame is just as well. :smiley:


I was considering saving up my coins, but there were some gems I wanted to get :slight_smile:

Btw do yourself a favor and get


I know you are a community leader and all but with this comment I ask you to immediately leave these forums and never return


I was sort of hoping for…

But I also would have settled for a shiny new badge :wink:


I think @KSib was just trying to get the last few copies out of the coin store… It’s all for a good purpose… :rofl:


No matter the reason, those kinds of words are dangerous and I will not accept them in any form around here, it summons @dusty in this form and that’s not good for anyone


Wait a minute, hasn’t the poop already been flushed from the store?



I just realized something!

It’s not there any more!

It’s in this section now!