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Patch Notes - 3/16/18


WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING! Don’t bring attention to this! The more you talk about it the more likely Dusty will know and bring it back from the dead again. I will not stand for another poopocalypse.


I just got too excited…

I will keep it on the down low from now on…



It’s too late. @User123698745 has resurrected the poop thread. It’s only a matter of time before evil @dusty awakens.







Metagame too strong. Don’t fight it…




you all are hilarious. grats to all the 365+ers : )


Gosh darn it, I was at a couple days to make it into the list :sob:


I stopped using the site over a year ago because of missing 2 streaks before I was awarded the final chest.

Support declined all requests to provide any sort of compensation for this.

It was a terrible ‘mechanic’ and only served to frustrate the user, and as I visited the site today out of curiosity I stumble upon to the news that streaks are gone.

About goddamn time.

Maybe I’ll start using the site again.


Glad to have you back! Hopefully this will be way less frustrating for you :smiley:


I didn’t get the 2,500 coins. Does the account have to be older than a week or so to get the coins?


this is from 2 months ago so yes your account would have had to have been made prior to 16th of March


I’ll necro this thread instead of making a new one.
The spin counter is still not working entirely correctly it seems.

I just got another 30 day chest today, so the counter should reset to 0 and for the most part it does. But as you can see the top widget thing seems to think I have 1 spin with 2 more to go for a chest, which is incorrect. Supported by the correct information being shown the the coin page tracker. The error corrects after reloading the site.


The counter is working correctly, it’s just a state issue in the UI (one piece of the UI doesn’t realize you’ve already spun until you reload). Known issue we’re working on. :slight_smile:


That doesn’t sound correct to me. The UI element does update, it triggers from the spin, it jumps an additional spin ahead in time. Then once site is reloaded it corrects backwards to it’s correct state, not forwards.

But I’m with you on the point that it’s just a UI thing, not a problem with the actual spinner part.






Just FYI, that aint how science works… Most of us don’t use Applied Phlebotinum in our work.

This is science

We have to explain EVERYTHING.