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Patch Notes - 3/16/18


Oh yeah? Then explain L’il Pump



Not sure that’s science, will need more studying to confirm or deny this.


WHY are al games so expensive???
I remember when they were 3k 4k.
If it keeps adding i might not able to ever get something


because there are a ton more coins in circulation 2 years after the system began?
because there are more users, so incentivizes people to only grab what they wan’t and not just “anything available”?
because some games are more expensive/newer/never been bundled etc etc?
and it’s not that long ago we did have some 4k coin games too :man_shrugging: -it varies, but alone with a ton of coins in wallets, it’s almost obvious the base price would increase a bit after while anyway :thinking:


Damn inflation?


Why are you bumping old patch notes to ask about coin prices?

The reasoning behind the more recent pricing strategy has been explained elsewhere but i can’t seem to find it at the moment. Perhaps someone who is more resourceful could link to it. There are multiple factors though, which may include: number of coins in circulation, number of keys available, relative sell-out speed of recent games, and others…




Strange topic to decide to bump. I’m disappointed though, I thought we were back on about waffles.