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Patch Notes - 3/16/18


if they are made from pancake batter I might be interested.


There isn’t actually that much difference between the two u know, my very first holiday job as a 15-year-old (i did it for 4 years [thinking of this makes me feel rly old, lol]) was in a tearoom on the sea esplanade, where I’d be baking pancakes and waffles all day long; if i remember right, the major differences in the batter were that the waffles had 50% extra eggs in them (or the opposite, lol), and the egg whites would be whipped for the waffle batter, but not for the pancakes, that i’m sure of

and u can actually make a waffle with pancake batter (in case u ran out, lol), though that will be a heavy waffle, and not very airy, but not rly the other way around

crepe maker like i used to work with:



If you whip the egg whites for the pancake batter you‘re making japanese pancakes, so in the end waffle batter is still pancake batter.


interesting, though i have to say, i used to make European pancakes, not American ones, which is quite different


Man this thread has been one heckuva ride. we’ve gone full circle from endless explanations of the new system to communism to back to endless explanations and now we’re at waffles and pancakes.

Speaking of which, if any of you ever has the chance, Belgian waffles are some of the best things ever. I didn’t think waffles could be so good.


those are exactly the waffles i used to make; speaking of which, i am actually from Belgium, lol

this is where i used to make them:


Nice :face_with_monocle: and thx bonus coins! :blush:


Wow! I lived in Brussels for a summer (3 months), but wasn’t able to make it out to the coast while I was there. I did visit Antwerpen and Bruges though. I miss the place, I’m actually hoping to visit again some time soon.


Nice! I also lived in Brussels for about 5 months, and in Antwerpen for 4 years, but i grew up at the coast in a village close to Oostende, and then I also lived in Oostende for about 3 years.


American pancakes are quite thick, right? So I assume European pancakes are somewhere inbetween Crêpes and American? I just eyeball recipes, so most of the time they end up being American.


y, what i mean by European pancakes is crepes actually


Sorry for making an on topic post in this wildly random thread.
I’ve been looking at how the new counter works and finally had the wherewithal to take screenshots so I could report on it properly. As I mentioned earlier the spin tracker does not update properly when you get a chest, it also does not update entirely on normal days either. Your coin totals update but the meter and the spin counter does not change until you refresh the site entirely. As shown here.

@EMCL, @lonin maybe you already knew this was the case, but I hadn’t seen it mentioned before.


Yep! We have a fix for it about to go out.


it’s ok man, I’m sure no one minds rly

good catch though; i sure never realized


Don’t be so sure about that…

Now that @Fraggles’ concern has been addressed, back on topic!


I’ll miss the streak mechanic for sure, even though I managed only a single legendary streak of 40-some days, and then always kept messing it up. So I guess even though I clicked the overwhelming majority (312 spins) of days, I won’t qualify for the “special streaker” thing FeelsBadMan

I’d say we’re complaining about free stuff we get. But then again, it’s a marketing strategy as well, so idk, they did make a sale or two on me that would’ve otherwise not happened :wink:


Don‘t feel bad yet. We still don‘t know what that special streaker reward is. Maybe they go to wallstreet and we get shares or - fingers crossed - that hand-woven ikea rug I saw earlier today. :clown_face:


Very nice, I like this. Couple questions, I haven’t missed what the surprise is for the hardcore streakers, right? When you do the surprise, will you let us know? I’m just about to open my 11th Legendary Chest tomorrow.





It lives!