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Patch Notes - 3/16/18


all that being said, I do take it u r a communist?

(70 years ago, u would have been filed for sure with a statement like that :rofl::rofl::rofl:)


I don’t consider myself to be a communist no, but equally, in my own opinion one of the biggest failings of the communist ideal is the inability of man himself to adhere to the idea in it’s true form. Every political movement has inherent problems, it’s just that communism has had some rather large bumps associated with it in the past.


y ofc, man is the problem, as man is inherently corrupt, which does not mean that absolutely every one is so, but power destroys the soul rly; that is also besides the fact that no man-made system can ever be perfect, as humans are far from perfect to begin with


besides, the real danger here is all those Gnuffi alts, slowly taking over the whole world; a witch hunt for potential communists is the perfect cover to continue with the execution of their plans


I always considered that to be more of a cult…The Cult of Gnuffi…He Who Cannot Be Gnomed,


We’ve made it to a discussion of communism, how long before Godwin’s Law is invoked?!


I’m sad to see my 90 day streak disappear but the new system’s better anyway.


I’m not sure where you got the idea I thought Chrono’s system was communist. I thought I was being clear that it wasn’t.

And as @xist pointed out, asking someone if they are a communist is only an insult if you think being a communist is insulting. It isn’t 70 years ago, it is today.


u brought communism in the discussion, and called for meritocracy, not communism, which is what Gnuffi responded to, which u responded to by concluding that he too must be a communist question-mark

the insinuation in itself is insulting as it is presented with a negative connotation; at least, that is certainly how this was perceived in general, hence u were told by several ppl not to resort to name-calling

and as a wise gnome said:


Thanks, @harith. Couldn’t have said it better…

I am sure it’s coming really soon.

It’s obvious you like to debate. But PETA would be knocking down my door for beating that horse. I neither have the time, energy or inclination to continue this. My post stands.

Enjoy your stay in the forum and may YLLAP.:smile:


Are you going to force me to trim my handlebar moustache so that I can click the spin counter more effectively? If so I protest.

Readers Note - I do not have a handlebar moustache.


People really should give less fucks these days.
At least reading this passes the time until the hardcore streaker reward thing.


A couple things to keep in mind with that:

  1. These guys aren’t a charity and need some way to keep the lights on. A little extra incentive as a reward for buying here VS any other marketplace is a good move. IMO

  2. The small amount of bonus coins you get for a purchase really don’t make a big difference. I mean it’s like 50 - 60 extra it seems which is no more than 2 clicks. If you run the math it works out to something like if someone spends $375 here over the span of 2 months buying every single day they get enough extra coins for 1 more free game. Hardly a system crippling or “pay-to-win” change. lol

  3. What does it really matter if people that buy get a few extra coins when they spend money here anyways? We’re not in competition here - when new free games come out there are a large number of copies available, not like it’s only the person with the most coins that gets it. To worry that people buying get more coins would be the same as complaining that people working at a job make more money than people getting a free handout from welfare.


not fussed about the change, i keep hitting the site most days for my coins and to check out the daily offer as always, i would have hoped in the redesign of coins that something would have been done about game keys being claimed too fast as thats the only thing that would stop me checking the site ever again in frustration.

despite it not really being a problem as only a handful of games seem to have gone quick its still something which may annoy me into leaving in the future


I don’t like you. I love you! <3


Definitely something we’re working on!


I wonder if all this fuss would have happened had we known beforehand about the changes happening whether it be “a change is happening” or “these are the changes…”. Maybe the fuss would have started earlier, maybe there would more understanding when it happens.

I’m still happy to be getting coins each day I click. The chests are a just a bonus, I honestly don’t even check how far I am to my next chest (well I wasn’t before anyway, now I have things reminding me how many clicks left)

I also like pie


me too. and pancakes.

but the real question is:


no not really, i’ve tried to like them but I have had no luck



I don’t know who you are, but I’ll find you… and I’ll personally cook waffles for you.