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Patch Notes - 3/16/18


RIP my 180-day streak :wink:
(Only joking; I don’t mind the changes)


I like the change :slight_smile:


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Well, now that the post above me was flagged and hidden, I might as well remove this. Just doesn’t make sense anymore :sob:


I am still at 1 spin, my counter has not incremented even after the second day/spin. I may have found a bug.

If I was supposed to have a larger spin count (as the patch notes would indicate) then this might be the source of my problem. If that is the case, then my criticism is invalid. Assuming the problem is fixed, of course.


I do not think you understand the difference between a meritocracy and communism.

Communism would be that everyone gets the same thing regardless of effort put into it. So people who clicked once a week and people who clicked every day would have the same amount of coins.

A meritocracy is where the people who do the best work (in this case show up every day) are given the most reward. In this case, people with 30 day streaks earn legendary chests worth more than the daily or 3 day streaks.

It is a meritocratic system. Show up more often (and see the advertised game so you’re more likely to buy it) and get rewarded more than people who show up only occasionally.

spin counter "confusion" illustration screenshots

center one counts down - in between chest rewards - not total days throughout/for an entire month anymore

if you/anyone are confused about a spin counter, i’m guessing it’s the center one

since it counts down to your chest/rewards now, it means you will get the same value showed, several times in a month now, and sometimes within days
so at day 2 it will say 1 spin, at day 6 it will say 1 spin, etc
so if someone has just been at day 29, counter showing 1 spin, 2 days later, counter will still display 1 spin
what matters here is your total spins now in the new system
the center counter is merely an indicator of how many coin click/spins, “diff deal visits”, you need to get your next reward
you will no longer, ever see center display counter above 16 (as that’s the max amounts there can be between the latest and new/upcoming reward)
while the center display might be slightly confusing to some, it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of “keeping track”(of “streaks”) anymore, you got your total spins for that… sorta…
center one counts down - in between chest rewards - not total days throughout/for an entire month anymore


You know, people have gone out of their way to try to explain to you things and you resort to name calling. You owe @Gnuffi an apology.

This is forum…It’s Chrono’s Forum. It’s not a democracy, meritocracy or communist. It’s THEIR rules They are nice enough to let us have a little leeway in what happens here but when it all boils down…It’s THEIR forum and we get to play in it…as long as we abide by their rules…

If you have a problem, don’t beat a dead horse or resort to name calling. The forum can’t help…you need to take your beef to support.Send support an email and they will be happy to assist. We don’t need this type of attitude on the forum.

TL;DR-------No name calling. This is a forum, not a country!


I am just going to leave this here for everyone to have a look at, these are the forum guidelines, if you haven’t had a read already, maybe take a quick look.


Short version: I actually didn’t consider that you could see the chest system as a kind of reward for “better work”. So, thanks for stating that in a friendly manner. :slight_smile:

But in the end, @delenn13 is right that it’s not a real country. For me, it was just interesting to think about how such a system would fit in in a real-life scenario.


I lose the third reward because I needed 1 more spin and it shows like I already earned


if you read the topic and replies carefully, you will see this has been explained many times
the system has changed
before you needed consecutive days to get a reward, counting "days in a row"per reward
with new system you just need “X” days for a reward, counting "total days"per reward
in the meantime, to “transition” this difference of systems/methods of calculating reward steps reached, you were given a 2500coin compensation
because, the changes would inevitably “skip” some around,
but you didn’t miss out, even tho it might appear so.
you’ve clicked previously 16 days total - now 14 days to day30 chest,
you say you were 1 day from day 14 reward, that means 2 of your 16 days previously wasn’t a consecutive streak
so had the system continued without change, you’d only had gotten 800 yesterday, and be 16days to your next reward, but you got 2500 as compensation (in your case 1700 more than you otherwise would have)
+the difference in calculation also means you now only need 14(non consecutive) days for your next reward
so again, you lost out on nothing, and missed nothing, even if on appearance it might seem like it
the system merely changed how it does rewards now, (and in your case you got a net bonus of 1700coins and +2days)
it might be confusing, and even appear like you missed something or got skipped, but in the end you didn’t, so no worries, everyone ended up with a bonus because of this, -even if “missed chest” you didn’t really…


Did you get this? If you did, it gave you more than what the 14-day chest would have provided, and it moved you closer to the Legendary 30-Day chest.

I just realized that @Gnuffi had already done another length explanation, I am just butting in here…


I’m now at 2 spins. I guess it just needed more time to update.

Should I have more spins? I’m not sure how the divided by 30 thing was supposed to work, so I do not know if it is working correctly or not.


Hard for me to tell as I don’t know exactly what your situation is. If you wish to you could take a screenshot of your coin stats page and send it to me in a PM and I’ll see if I can make some sense out of it.


I have reviewed my conversation with said person and have found no name calling nor hostility from my side. His last post to me, however, was quite rude. His direct quote from me where I said that I am not communist prompted me to ask him if he were communist, as it would explain why he was being hostile towards me.

All of my posts have been fully aligned with the forum rules. I have stated my opinion on matters in a respectful manner, then explained with facts or analogy why I came to such conclusions. I understand why others might have differing opinions and am interested in what brought them to their conclusions. If I find their reasoning to be superior to mine, then I will accede to their better opinion. I would like, but do not expect, for them to give me the same courtesy.


first of all, u insinuated that chrono’s system is communist in nature, which is frankly mind-boggling and absurd, and u then proceeded not to ask him whether he was a communist, u basically concluded that he was so; u did put a question mark after yr conclusion, so he could either confirm or deny yr conclusion, but it seemed more like a rhetorical question given that it was formulated as a statement/conclusion


At risk of character assassination, why is being communist considered an insult?


U r absolutely right, and I was considering addressing the same issue also, but that is a whole other subject, and quite a slippery one, lol


the point is not whether it is an insult or not actually, the point here is that u should not make insinuations or judgments about ppl, as that is disrespectful, the more if u consider that insinuation hurtful or make it seem to be so