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Patch Notes - 3/16/18


Great job, I appreciate this changes specifically because i myself missed few streaks when i totally forgot to login/ logged in right after the timer resets. It’s quite frustrating considering i always loved to hit 30 and get the sweet chest with gold bonuses and get me some games from the coin store. Hopefully you will keep improving this system in future.


yes it does

no you didn’t
at worst you’d be at “0” which the 2500 coins more than compensates for, -exactly as if you had gotten you legendary reward “today”,
at best, which is the case for most, it puts you a couple of days “ahead”/into the new system, meaning you are closer to your next reward (counting from today/“day 0”) than you otherwise would have been “starting over”. No one lost anything thing on this
and some lucky few might have had their fortunes in life align perfectly to get an actual little bonus in the streak conversion calculations/changes.
-but a person shouldn’t be upset about “other’s” luck in life… :unamused:

also: read, the, notes:


sigh, people complaining about “others” getting something, more/“undeserved” is just a sad state of affairs in humanity… :persevere:


Great changes :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope you add tracking for new games in shop on the main page.


I like how you don’t get tired of repeating over and over that this is not that big of a deal. :smile:

I think your latest explanation especially hits the mark. You are absolutely right that Chrono could have easily reset everyone to 0 and start fresh from today. And this in itself would have been okay (and probably easier to implement) since they don’t owe us anything. But they didn’t do that. Instead on average everyone is half way to the legendary chest and receives 2500 complimentary coins.

However, as I said before, I think that the reactions show how much people care about the system in general which is a great achievement, @lonin.


I already said that life isn’t fair, but it would be nice if they were fair to those who earned it, as opposed to everyone equally. Meritocracy, not communism.


oke… i see what you’re about :man_facepalming:

:frog: -buh-bye


poop games i tell ya




Well, they give everyone free stuff, and the only contribution is clicking a button once a day. I wouldn’t say that that qualifies for a meritocracy. :smiley:

The whole system is more like communism with your free choice of how often you get free stuff, anyway. Moreover, daily visits will still get you the most coins in the future.


You’re all starting to stray into some pretty petty territory here. I for one certainly understand that it can feel rather unpleasant to have a system changed on you out of seemingly nowhere once you’ve gotten invested in it. Especially if you haven’t been here for over a year and still feel like you’re trying to catch up as a new comer.

I also understand as a long term dweller that it gets rather tiresome to face the same complaint from hordes of people who seem to not have availed themselves of provided information. But getting snippy with people doesn’t help the situation, better to just ignore them in that case.

Those of you who currently feel like you’ve lost progress should probably rejoice though. The way the new system has been implemented suggests that those that have the higher discrepancy between their previous streak counter and current spin counter are those that will benefit the most from the new system. Because that difference SHOULD be the number of days you missed, broke your streak and lost your entire chests progress in the past.

I agree that simply throwing a sack of coins at everyone and saying no one can complain is not good enough. No system is perfect and no update ever goes as smoothly as it should so it would be silly of us to assume no complaint has any legitimacy behind it and the way I understand the implementation of the new system no actual unfairness should have taken place.

So let me ask you if you are in fact certain that you had checked every day and was running an unbroken perfect streak? Because if you had no missed days since you signed up then your current spin counter and previous streak should be the same with no progress lost.

There is no resetting supposed to happen, just an adjustment to show actual days visited as opposed to current unbroken streak.

So please think carefully and honestly and tell us if you think there has been an actual malfunction here or if everything seems like it might be in order, even if you don’t personally like it, thank you.


no @Fraggles, what they mean is that they were close to a legendary streak and are now much further away from it (30 days away from it apparently, in this case, which is possible if the total amount of all their previous spins amounts to a plural of 30); it’s the same complaint over and over again

i rly don’t understand how ppl can keep complaining over a free system; there is nothing lost, u can not lose what u dont own in the first place; and there is no guarantee that u would have hit yr legendary streak anyway, u might have missed it for whatever reason, at least now that can’t actually happen anymore, so just for that, the new system is way better in general

and the 2500 free coins more than make up for that streak that u could have gotten soon, so again there’s no loss there, quite the opposite; u actually got it sooner than u would have, and can now start spinning for yr next one

the real problem is that instead of seeing it that way, they keep focusing on the fact that everyone is getting these 2500, regardless of how close they were to hitting that legendary, and they were so close, and and and

srsly these ppl need to open the news, and take a look at what’s going on in Somalia, Syria, Lybia, etc; or they could just go to a hospital and visit some ppl who r frikkin dying from cancer



Our little cow is so cute and spouts wise saying…sometimes!:thinking:

Edit: I guess I should post until I have read the entire thread. I didn’t realize I was so close to the end.

Good work, @Fraggles too… :+1:t2::+1:t2:


this is true @Fraggles, but this person never claimed that such was the case to begin with…


I just wanted to thank you for your efforts. This patch is a good move. Have nice day.


Thanks again for all of the feedback and help that the community is providing. We’ll keep ironing out issues this weekend and focusing on upcoming features for you all!


next update: use coins to gain more coins ey? yeh? no? ok


Whaou, all of this is such great news and improvement ** Thank you !

I juste have a question:

Will this be retroactive? Will we be “rewarded” for the games we’ve already purchased?

Anyway, nice changes ! I’m so glad I’ve stick around for such a long time now =)


Only going forward. :slight_smile:


Okay =)

Nice changes anyway, well done !


Agreed! We can’t change the past, we should just proceed into the future with a positive state of mind.

Well, I suppose we can change the past, just a little bit, with the “Edit” button. :smile: