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Patch Notes - 3/16/18


I have been thinking for a while that there needs to be a coin sink somewhere, something else to spend coins on, many people are sitting on tens of thousands of coins and nothing to spend it on because they don’t like the current store items and the new ones disappear fast


The chest assets were illustrated by a talented designer we worked with. You can see more of her work here:


Something’s not right here…


Ironically enough this new update put me only one or two days off from where I was on the streak list before, so not much is different for me. Overall I’m liking the new stuff, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store :grin:


“Total spins: 135”. That’s 15 spins past a legendary chest, so it looks right, since the chart is showing you one day past the 14-day chest. Since as of this update it’s based on your total number of coin clicks rather than your streak of daily clicks, if you ever missed a day, your old streak won’t match your newly recalculated progress towards the next legendary chest.

It sucks that you’re placed more days off your legendary chest than you otherwise would’ve been, but that’s what the promised 2500 bonus coins are intended to remedy, when we get them.


Quickly! Post any non-sense and resurrect every topic so @delenn13 can like it and we get showered with coins love! :heart:


Isn’t it impressive how passionate we all get about some make-up currency someone gives us for free? I know that you can get games with that but it’s just like complaining about a present not being good enough. :smiley:

I think it’s quite an accomplishment that Chrono created this coin economy that we all identify with so much. With that in mind, I’m sure that they will maintain it in a healthy and fun way.


I like this change, but I almost feel unconfortable getting coins (and the occasional game) having bought so little here (only spent about $7 so far). I’m unlikely to buy games that cost more than $5, especially if they were previously bundled. I hope to see more games that fit this category.


Now these are some quality of life changes! I just recently lost my first legendary streak at like 28 days, which felt pretty bad, so this warms my heart. I already loved what you guys were doing, but now I’m IMPRESSED by how well you’re fostering a community too! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


my only complaint is the fact people get bonus coins after buying something, thats all

dont confuse criticism with complaining


Thanks, as someone who specifically requested a streak change I really am glad to see this. The other features are also a welcome sight, though the new coin UI in the banner is kinda weird looking. Maybe the bar goes all the way under the chest and a more distinctly colored border? Not sure but it looks a little off to me as is. Minor gripes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks guys, keep up the great work! Love this site.


Could you please add a day streak counter next to the stack or whatever? I think ive had more than 200 days on my streak (and an old one that ended at 118) and id like to also see that even if it doesn`t impact chests.


I was most of the way to my 12th legendary and now I’ve been reset to 0 spins. Giving everyone 2500 doesn’t cut it, because some of us had earned our progress by being faithful and checking everyday and we’re getting the exact same reward as someone who might check once a week.

Life might not be fair, but you should try to be and give people who’ve been loyal their due over those who have not.


Great update, After doing night shifts at work, I sleep through the whole day and have lost many streaks that way. So this update is great for people with similar circumstances.
Keep up the good work guys! Love this website


I believe that’s actually a really good update. It keeps the heart of the system but takes quite a bit of stress out of it. I lost a bit of a progress but I don’t care. I have plenty of coins already and 2500 appreciation gift helped as well :wink:


This is not a competition, stop comparing yourself to others, you have not lost anything and you get more than you have got.


On the contrary, I lost progress towards a legendary chest. And if I don’t compare myself to others and compete against them, then how can I measure myself and become better? Without a reference, a guiding star, you will be lost upon the ocean.


You are still progressing and doesn’t this make progressing even easier?

You can best yourself by beating your own achievements.

I believe in you


If someone in a race is pushed back to the beginning after running more than half of it, giving them roller skates does not make them happier about it.

And having outside referents is necessary for meaningful growth. If you don’t know how well others are doing, then how can you know if you are doing well?