I did not even know there was a leaderboard in steam, I was only looking at the in game board of which there is no page 2 and only 12 are shown it seems.


Where are you seeing that Maoski?

I can’t find any page 2 on the leaderboards.


On the game’s achievements page there’s a leaderboard hidden away.


Go to your achievements page:

Click on Leaderboards, from drop down menu, choose the map:


You can toggle between global and friends only leaderboards, directly from Steam website.

While I was away grabbing screenshots, @Fraggles already answered your question… :smile:


Ah, okay now I see you Maoski.

Well, thanks to both of you :+1:


I have no idea how I did this. I was in full panic mode after 1300.


Fraggles with the disgusting +5. :sweat_smile: Should I attempt to beat it or focus on other much lower scores for other maps? On one hand…other maps have significant margins to improve. On the other hand…London is the map everyone tries and sees first… :laughing:


I played it once and couldn’t get past the tutorial, I think, I dunno, it was pretty unclear when the tutorial ended, I didn’t even know it logged that score I’m impressed it did. I didn’t even know how you lose, I mean I do now xD

edit: HEY LOOK I BEAT SOMEONE, WITH MY ONE PRACTICE ATTEMPT. I might just give it another bash tomorrow.


It’s surprisingly fun. Send us all a friend request if you decide to play!


Ya’ll should have all sent me a friend request anyway >.> :wink:


I beat my high score in London. My map was beautiful until around 2400, at which point it spiraled into a complete mess. It required quite a bit of micromanagement near the end. Two days short of the new week… if only I had that extra train :sob:

I see @GanbaRANGER has moved up a few notches on the LDN leaderboard. How did you make out @YQMaoski? Saw you playing just as I was finishing up.


I think I’m getting the hang of this!

I got @Shalandir by 7 points in NYC.


Only played London again, got to slightly over 800. I sure am eating a lot of dust…


sounds like you’re on a healthy diet then :wink:

:rofl: :smile:


I tried again today and got the exact same score more or less, knowing what to do added nothing xD

this game is not my forte, I’m not good at puzzles surprisingly, I get the odd lucky one I can do, I was better when I was younger but that time has gone xD


Don’t worry winter - I mean weekend - is coming! Set your scores now, and may @EMCL have mercy on your souls. I ride at dawn of Saturday!


Been trying the daily challenges this week. First time I’ve tried an extreme map. Did not know you couldn’t alter lines or trains. That made the whole thing very hard. But I got a score I’m kinda proud of none the less.


@Shalandir went crazy in London 1960, he almost broke top 10…


I currently control 17 firsts (73.91%), 6 not-firsts (26.09%). When is @Inferry gonna hop on this game train?


Yeah, me neither! A station spawned on the other side of a river and I had no tunnels… just watching the death circle fill up until inevitable end.

Nicely done! :trophy::1st_place_medal::tada: