I have now travelled all over the world an beaten all the high scores in my friendslist in every city. So now I issue a challenge to everyone who has this game, beat my score and give me something to work against. Calling out @coralinecastell and @yoshirules specifically as you’re the ones that I keep seeing in most cities.

If you’re not on my friendslist and think you have a score that stands testing then come @ me!

Steam Friends?

I want to fire up this game now… Maybe you will see me at the bottom of the friends’ high score lists before the weekend is up. :sweat_smile:


Challenge accepted, bro. :butterfly:


Hahaha I would have accepted (not a chicken :hatching_chick:) but I have still 5 games on my list from our curator group that I have to write reviews for, before the end of next week (yes I know some write reviews and dont play the games, I can’t)


Interesting, I shall be installing it now.



This is enough incentive for me to go back to Mini Metro sooner than anticipated.

On Poly Bridge, I went out of my way to try and best a fellow Chronie on the leader boards (on the levels I’ve played thus far). Can’t remember who it was exactly, I want to say @Shalandir.


Well, I’m pretty decent at Poly Bridge (a few top 1000s?) and Mini Metro is one of my favorite puzzle-style non-puzzle games…I definitely have played both! I used to have really great scores in MM but that was from May 2016 (23 months ago?!) and the MM devs have been adding a lot of new content. I need to go play it again, down to 50% achievements! :sweat_smile:


Nice you have a couple of great scores for me to beat.


Wait, really? My scores are still decent nearly 2 years later? :smiley:


Don’t MAKE me reinstall it! :smiling_imp:


Reinstalled MM, you’ve got some Extreme work to do, you’ve not even touched the mode!

To be fair, new mode had just been released 2 years ago when I was finishing up the game so I don’t have many scores there either. We both have our work cut out for us!


I had just gotten through the normal content, don’t know what the extreme mode does yet. The various cities and their different aspects have been very entertaining and frustrating already though.


Just got back into it and DECIMATED your 上海 score first try. Somehow I don’t think you’ve had much competition until now. :kissing_heart:


Yeah Shanghai was certainly one of the ones I could do better on, so now I have. Also reclaimed my score in Seoul, which was a lot harder and took many attempts. Osaka is up next., thanks for the challenge.


i like how you all are having fun trying to outdo each other :blush: :+1:
yay forum! :clap: :raised_hands: :smiley:


I would love to join this challenge but I don’t have the game :weary:
And when it came out in the coin shop (a long time ago) I didn’t have enough coins :triumph:


@Nateninja21 I can give you a copy of Mini Metro.


What??? That’s a very high level of generosity right there. I guess if you have a spare key???:sweat_smile:
Don’t want you to do it if you don’t want to


Yes it is a spare key. I already have the game and just started playing again.

Check your PM.


Look at that Dawg!. Bet you found that key on the corner of “3rd and Delenn” .:joy: