LOL :joy:


Thanks @DanosaurJr



:rofl: :smile:


No problem @Nateninja21. Perhaps you can add some of us on Steam (if you haven’t done so already) so that we can better keep track of scores. See: Steam Friends?

Now back to the challenge: It’s been a while since I’ve played Mini Metro. I love the game but am not that great at it. I’m currently a few hundred passengers shy of Fraggles score on London. Will try to improve before moving on to the other cities.

Also how tf does @Punkster have a score of 422,852 :crazy_face:
That is 382,857 better than the next high score, and waaaay better than the average of ~2000 passengers.

p.s. In case anyone’s interested, here is a fascinating look at Mini Metro from the perspective of a real world transit planner:


I would love to do that :grinning:


-aimbot ? :man_shrugging:



It isn’t our @Punkster and I’m pretty certain it’s a cheat of some sort.


I must warn you my steam name is famgam12 (don’t question it) not nateninja21.
I look forward to some mini metro competition :smiley:


Please tell me you just changed your name on Steam because nateninja02 just friended me and I’m going to be very confused with a side of creeped if that’s not you


Oh yeah turns out I’m bad at steam🤫 and it actually is nateninja02


It’s not our @Punkster, since he, like me, only has one achievement in this game… LOL! I first saw that list and thought, “Whoa!” But then I realized that it couldn’t have been him… Now watch him come here and tell us that it’s actually him… :rofl:


Wait, so you guys are saying there’s another @Punkster?


Ok I think I just about added everyone. If I missed you I don’t like you
JK just message me your steam stuff or whatever.


oohh sheee…t… -can we handle more than 1?
i mean, is there even “space” for more red dwarfs in the universe?



Thanks for reminding me my London score needed a little work.


This game is more difficult than I thought, and there are things I don’t understand I think… I think my score is something like 400? :rofl:



Oh aye, just take away my achievements from the game by dismissing me as a cheater and/or it isn’t “Our Punkster.” It is just like the English clearing out the Highlands all over again! You monsters! :’(

Just because you’re all jealous of my amazing body skills, when I only installed the game, played it for the first time yesterday and I already beat all of you, you now try to slander me in calling me a cheetah and dismiss me as nothing. Wow, you actually go as far to say I don’t even exist.

Well sure, I’m not mad, just you all pretend I do not exist, pretend that I cannot beat you with a mere 2.5 hours in actual game time, if it makes you all feel better about your own really funny but pathetically low scores.

Frankly, now all the cards are on the table, you’ll all be doing me a favour, as I no longer have to pretend I am just the same as you all when clearly, I am way more awesomener. Don’t deny it, search your feelings, you know it to be true!?

Now, I shall bid you all good day.


One Last Thing



As my score will attest, I’m no expert, but here are few bits of advice to get started:

  • Try to make sure every line hits circle, square, triangle, etc.
  • Try as often as possible to have your lines going in circles.
  • Don’t be afraid to pause, delete one or more lines and redraw, move trains/carriages from line to another, etc.
  • Invest in bridges in London.


Oh you make me laugh so hard… :rofl: :joy:

All hail the mighty Punkster Minimetro designer!

You can pause this thing?!


Yes, just hit spacebar or use the icon in the upper right hand corner by the clock.