I got my current score with only taking a single bridge upgrade. taking as few bridges/tunnels as possible has been my strategy thus far, it always seemed better to have more carriages or lines.

As for circles they can be great but two lines is better than a circle since you can only have 4 trains per line, if you make 2 half circles with two lines you get more trains which you will sorely need in later stages. It’s more important to ensure you can tie together circles and triangles effectively preferably no more than 3 of each in a row before another.


I need to take this back to the drawing board…


This game IS the drawing board…


well this post actually made me boot it up, so thanks fraggles, but I’m not very good at it xD I couldn’t even finish the tutorial level, but I like it though.


Do not fear I will be joining you all in this challenge :sunglasses: ( Thanks @DanosaurJr for the key) I hope you all are ready to be mopped with… I just don’t know anymore :man_shrugging:


I’ve forgotten how much this games loves giving you circles.
I’m playing on London right now and half of the map is only circles.


So I downloaded and played Minimetro ( Thank You Danasouaresjr for the key) and turns out I’m not the best at the game :frowning:
Sooo maybe I’ll stand a chance in this challenge with “over 9000” hours in the game (I never actually watched Dragon Ball Z so that “Meme” is still a mystery to me)


No one has mastered anything the first time they tried it. I hope you’re enjoying yourself though and will get back to it and beat my high score sooner or later.


yes, thank the heavens otherwise I would have eaten my own hair by now.

ha ha


totes my strategy too, bro

not the complete opposite





I’m a strategizer

supah smart

On a more serious tone, this is absolutely the nº 1 thing to look for in this hella hard game.


One tip is that you can keep a rail line and a train as an emergency line. Whenever you have a city overcrowding, just use your spare line to connect it to another one and deconstruct the line afterwards.

You can also shuffle trains and carriages around to get to overcrowded cities faster.


Just once I want San Francisco to spawn a freakin’ square on the right side of the SFBay! grumble


Yeah San Francisco is a damn nightmare. I think it might be true to reality. Please don’t beat my score there, I really don’t want to go back. >_<


Just played London for the 2nd time, broke 3000 :slight_smile:


Hey, um, @Fraggles … go check out my new Paris score…please beat it


Well I’m certainly impressed, no idea how you managed that one. I might just have to concede Paris to you.


My Vintage Paris was almost as good as my Paris, I love that map. I completely re-wrote my strategy for that style.


I got this game on Humble Bundle, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

:thinking: I guess this means I should install it and learn how to play.



Disclaimer: I am really bad at this game, by the way.


:astonished: Mini Metro is hard!! :dizzy_face:


Yeah, and @Shalandir here got a global top 20 score on one of these maps… :exploding_head:


The only map I’ve played is London and its fregin hard :sob:
I think my record is like 1000 and after that point I just have a mental breakdown :sob::tired_face::weary: