I think I barely passed… :rofl:

Just remember, there’s always someone who’s worse at it than you…


Yeah. Me! :laughing:


I finished the final achievement (Auckland for me) and got trolled by the devs: it never popped. Opened a trouble ticket for the bug. :unamused:

But the good news is, that means more time to raise the bar on other cities! Enjoy my new high score on Berlin! :smirk:


I looked at your map, probably don’t know enough about the game or play enough, but I only see one tunnel on that final map (Auckland)…


Yes. The other tunnel was always used for a temporary line to connect outliers to the main hub.


My question was whether you needed to maintain the two tunnels til the end to get the achievement? Hopefully they give it to you, that’s a lot of time spent (2 weekends?) on one map…

Nevermind… Max 2 tunnels… That’s what you get when I don’t pay attention to the details…


Yeah, I was just going to reply with the text: “Deliver 1500 passengers in Auckland using no more than two tunnels.”


Strange, no one but @Fraggles shows up in my leaderboard from here. I assumed no one but us two were playing it.

I am not very good at it either. I do enjoy playing the game however. It also appears the game likes playing me by granting me 15+ circles in a row.

Do I show up in yours, Maoskiskiski?


Yes, indeed.

If you are not friends with @Shalandir, that might be why? Maybe?

You don’t see my name anywhere because I only played London… if you go to the friends view and scroll all the way…



all the way down…

You might see my name… :rofl:


You need to click the icon at the bottom right to see your friends.


Can’t fool me, mister, that’s Instant Messenger.

Good try, Dano.


I have not had a whole lot of time to play over the last week. But I finally reclaimed the throne in London, by 5 points. Why is it always one little out of the way station sneaking up it’s timer while you’re not looking? It always seems so preventable had I just noticed.

@Shalandir you’ve gotta teach me those pro strats man. Did you get a screenshot of your 5k paris map, I’d really like to see it if possible.


I’m on mobile, but I’ll accept friend requests. @Punkster I have a few scores you might want to beat…this weekend I’ll go back and replay any map with less than Top 5% just for you and @GanbaRANGER to have fun with.


Aye, mate, feel free to add me. I am not sure I should though, I always feel bad enough not beating Fraggles’ scores.

JK, I do like a challenge, but I just prefer it to be of the non-challenge variety.


I’ll jump on the wagon too!

Not sure if game good or bad for ADHD…


Welcome to the fight, I’m so glad we’re getting more people giving this excellent little title a serious go.


Yup, 1000 and then a mental breakdown. Every passenger is mad at me and I’m sorry!


Strangely, I don’t even see you listed at the bottom on the London scoreboard. Just how bad is your score? I mean, I’ve seen other Chronies with scores of ~350 on the leaderboards on some maps.


I don’t see you either, @YQMaoski, bottom of my friends list for london is @kylehayman361 with 844.


Hmm… odd… let me check…

I am there…

Did you look on the next page? Cuz apparently I don’t qualify good enough on page 1… :rofl:

And apparently my score is better than I remembered… lol!