The moment I have a copy for myself :upside_down_face:


Anyone else play the daily challenges?

Who can catch @Fraggles ?


@Inferry, do you still need one?




Check your PM.
And welcome to the party! :station:


There’s been some more passing of keys under the table… :+1: :sunny:


:hugs: Love ya buddy!! Now let’s see if I have the skills :smile:

dizzy coin
Again, sorry for the quality, nothing I can do ):
Also, that moment when you forget how to post pictures cuz it’s been so long )X


“Coinman rides again!” :smiley:!


awesome drawing once more Inferry :+1:


Love your artwork! Looks awesome!


Great drawing! That’s a Chrono coin!! :star_struck: Super awesome!

I was getting 3-digit scores my first day, and I played alllll day long. Practice, practice.

Make sure to add all of us on Steam!



Hmmm… :thinking: I’ve had my eye on this game a few times but held off because I have too many games on my ‘yet-to-play’ list. I must admit it is tempting to get a hold of a copy and join in on the challenge. I’d probably do much worse than the average chronie and most likely belong to the top 99% of the bottom feeders :smile:


That’s what I thought, but I played anyway (because of this thread). Turns out I can contend after all.

You may be surprised.


You are just being modest… I tried London again last night, just got to over 1000, where as you guys are all in the 2500-3000+ range… :exploding_head:


I haven’t played this game in a while :thinking:

I should really get on that :frowning:

Edit: Nahhh got to get on that Fortnite grind :upside_down_face:


I have 50h in the game now, 6h played on london, I didn’t get that highscore right off the bat.


Congrats on breaking 1000! :boom:

I was getting scores of 600 or so at first for a while. Practice, practice.

I’m tryna do that at some point in my life too! :persevere:


Yup, I keep thinking to myself that I would play one map over and over again until I get my score up there, then move on… Maybe I should try my hand at the other ones out there. :slight_smile: And I can tell from the hours put in by all of you that I am nowhere near as dedicated…

Thanks! I was really happy to get there!


Yeah definitely do not stare yourself blind at a single map. Go play the others, unlock them all. They all have various interesting peculiarities and mechanics to them that makes it more fun than to just beat your head against a high score alone.

The reason I started this thread was because I had already played all maps and now I wanted some competition to go back for.


@Fraggles Great idea to start this thread. It got me playing a game that I had no idea would be fun, and I made a bunch of friends here, so thanks!


I think this is my best yet. Coffee helps. :coffee: So does ADHD. :crazy_face: