Congratulations, that’s certainly a respectable score. You didn’t happen to save a screenshot of the map by any chance?


Thank you :smile:

No, there was so much going on, and it happened so fast!! I didn’t even know I was game-over-ing. I really wish I got one cuz I was really happy with it.


At the end score screen there’s a few buttons in the lower right which allows you to save a screen capture of the final map as well as compiling a gif of the whole game. They’re pretty neat.


I didn’t even see those! Thank you!

That is pretty neat!


Ok, I think I’m getting better at this. :grin:

And I got the screenshot! Chaos and disarray!! :scream:


Wait, that Blue Line you built in St Pete isn’t a loop and is extremely long with tons of non-overlapping stations, how in the hell did you break 2000 without overloading on that, much less 4000 ?! Congratulations


It was my support line. Every weird shape was on the islands, so I wanted to connect the red, green, and purple on the other side with a fast way to the weird ones. That square in the middle is not a interchange.

I lengthened it late in the game to relieve the orange line of so many stations.

Thank you! :grin:


You two have done excellent, some real impressive scores. I’m not sure if I went and broke the part of my brain that handles mass transit or something but right now I appear to struggle to even break my own old scores, much less getting anywhere close to yours.


Thanks! :slight_smile: I can’t come anywhere near your scores on a lot of maps. @Shalandir’s either. You two are still the rulers of London. I haven’t come close to Shalandir’s Paris score of over 5000! :persevere:

My broken brain gives me some advantage cuz this game is perfect for ADHD. :crazy_face:

It’s probably just burnout. The longer I play, the worse I do. I do best in short bursts. Definitely take breaks.


13 bridges. You built 13 freakin’ bridges. I’ve never gone that route, bridge heavy. :astonished:


I’ve been killed from running out of bridges way too many times, so I might have just taken every opportunity to get them out of fear.


Well, here’s my scores on the first five maps

I Also had 2.something in Washington but it doesn’t show for some reason, here’s the map

And here’s the last one I did in Melbourne


45/45 100% achievements, finally triggered last one after replaying Auckland for 7 hours today.


I’ve fallen off the train for a few days cuz I been so freakin busy.

(also Rogue Legacy been taking up what little game-time I’ve had…)

Hopefully, I can get back on real soon! :station:

Nicely done! :sunglasses:

Congratulations! :boom::tada:


I know this thread is very very old (some one got super angry somewhere else because I revived a thread that was only a few months old so I hope that doesn’t happen :confused: feel free to lock if it’s annoying)
But wow wanted to say some people are talented
I played a little bit of mini metro recently but nothing like these kinda scores x3


I’m always delighted to see my old threads garner new interest no matter how old. I hope you’re enjoying the game and if you manage to pull off something you’re proud of feel free to post the end game gif of the playthrough if you wish.


We don’t have any necrothread rules, so feel free to revisit things like this, especially if it breeds more discussion!

I still haven’t played this game, but I did play mini motorway by the same people and it was a great game.


Ooh mini motorways seems like it isn’t on the steam platform yet but looks cool.

I’d post a gif or something but the recent play throughs seem to end pretty quickly haha. The daily challenge is pretty cool tho.



i imagine by “somewhere else” you mean a different forum, right? I can’t imagine that happening here


Yup different forum it wasn’t against the rules just a angry person not wanting me to bump his thread up apparently there was nothing else to say :thinking: but yea i’m wary with actually old threads lol