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Explain Your Username!


Goes without saying.


ARC is from my name initials and Survivor is one of my favorite TV shows.


Mine username has a pretty in-depth and complicated story to it. One of my friends once called me Tay instead of Taylor… Its not as complicated as I once thought. Thank you for your time!


When I was younger I remember making up some story about ‘evil flamingo surgeons’. At some point that shifted to ‘Evil Doctor Flamingo’, which I first used for my steam account, and now I tend to shorten that to just ‘Doctor Flamingo’ (or ‘DrFlamingo’ if spaces aren’t allowed).


I had already used my orange username, so I came up with something random.


Late reply, but that’s pretty cool!

Glad I could show you something new then :smiley:


I basically love fire and video games. FireGamer seemed plain. So I threw in “The” which then became TheFireGamer. I still felt like there was something missing so I went with 123 and capitalized every letter. Then I went and found my avatar on G images. I searched for hours I spent most of the night when I should have been sleeping. I don’t have any artistic talent. I tried a few times but every outcome was just terrible.

On console I now go by DEEDS_NOT__WORDS. I want to be a Police Officer and that is my local PD’s slogan. Well it’s actually Facta Non Verba. (Latin) But there were already 500+ people with that username. So I couldn’t use that.

My original console username was so bad, I made it really young. “skrimsawsome.” It was suppose to be Skyrimisawsome but I was terrible at spelling and rushed through the account creation.


My username is pretty easy to explain (at least I think). In early 2014, I decided to start a Let’s Play channel, mainly inspired by some up-and-coming guy called Markiplier. My old username used to be “Cyrano”, which was a gaegoyle character in some German author’s fantasy novel, but I wanted something that has more to do with myself.
So I basically took my first name, Matthias, looked for a work I could mash it together with, found madness, and boom, Mattness was born. And the LP stands for Let’s Play, obviously. Thinking back, I even took that naming pattern from Mark+Multiplier=Markiplier

But meh, this has now been my name for 5 years, my handle on pretty much every game and social media I joined since then, so I own it now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Explanation of my username is simple. Elocin…my name is Nicole, so self-explanatory. 30 is how old I was when I started mainly using elocin.

My usernames have always been mainly name and age related. Asniva14(first 2 letters of my full name and guess how old I was for my first username ever, bet you can’t guess), Elocin30, Mom0709(hey, it’s a name, okay?) :stuck_out_tongue:

I started re-branding myself as ElocinTygr everywhere I could. I cannot seem to do so here, so the 30 remains.

How have I never responded in this thread before now?! …or am I just blind and can’t find a reply by myself? I could have sworn that I explained my username on here previously, but maybe that was on the icon thread which I know I did respond to as it was where I found out gifs could be used instead of static pictures everywhere profile related.


I do distinctly remember you explaining that before, if not in this thread then it must have been another.

Found it!


Thank you for proving that I’m not crazy…at least not in this one thing anyway.


nothing special here. sluz just means ooze or slime in slavic languages.
i like my names short, and ive stuck with this one for more than 10 years now


TLDR at the end

my username is more stupid than pretentious but i like the fact that most people who understand a bit of french think i’m egomaniac doush,

Belle Gueule is literally translated to beautiful face
Gueule is used to represent an animal mouth but is also a slang for face in Quebec

so it started at the release of StarCraft 2, my friends and I skipped class to go buy the game and do a lan party in the basement of one of my friends. we were all drinking beer while the game was downloading, and we were stuck on the username dilemma, in my head it went like that : " i’m 16, it’s time to find a username that I will carry over for the rest of my life". I had a hard time to commit to one name and that’s when Jesus took the wheel. i got an urgent need to take a piss, I tumble my way to the toilette and when i was coming back I stepped on an empty beer bottle and started the less majestic fall of all time, but it’s also at that time that my user name found me. one of the beer bottles that was on the ground rolled and stopped in front of my eyes, i saw it, it saw me. stood up and registered my username.

TLDR: tried to find a username for SC2/The rest of my life, fell on the ground and found my username

Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend

and in all French-speaking parts of the world

Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend

Bisexual - I’m bisexual
Android - I prefer Android over iPhone, also back when I made this username on xbl I had a person in a CoD lobby with the name “lovingAndroid” or something like that. Thought it was funny so I changed my name.

Now I’m usually going by kiwi-are-birds/kiwi_are_birds since I love those creaturs. -:kiwi_fruit:


I know I’m late. I know no one cares anymore. But I really need to say this:

That chick saying “I don’t care. I’m gay.” spoke to my heart. So many times I was out drinking with my lady friends and someone would go “oh my god did you hear so and so got pregnant?”

Gay chicks: :woman_shrugging:

Also this resonates deeply with our recent president’s statement… I know you know what I’m talking about…

+1 for gay tourism


After being prompted in another post, guess I should paste that post here, @coralinecastell ,
LOL. I’m originally from Sunderland UK. Seaburn is one of the Twin beaches on the coast but the North Sea is bloody cold. The local paper is the Sunderland Echo. There was always a Football Echo printed after each game of my beloved Sunderland AFC, this is a sports paper the front pages were a match report. The picture you see is a cartoon of an old fashion leather football (known as a Casey). Casey was in various poses. A win had a smile and top hat raised, a draw was a frown and “hipped” arms, a loss was top hat held down and very sad. I always wanted to see a happy Casey of course. The Footie Echo stopped years ago, and not just because we lost so much in recent years!
I still like to see a Happy Casey! So don’t be disturbed, be happy.



My name is not original at all. When I was around 15 I found it funny when English people call me “miss”. And my real name is “ilona” which most friends say “iIoon” irl. So I added those together. And I like that most people when making my nick name shorter call me “Missi” or maybe I’m just so used to it after all those years of online gaming.


If I could hug you, I would. :yellow_heart: