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Explain Your Username!


I’m already pretty happy being full-caps birthday queen :crown: :tipping_hand_woman:


You’ve played WoW. They were available since Vanilla.

Took me a bit to find the manual.


Back when games had a printed manual…


I’m pretty sure he was referring to the fact that he is well know Gnome … and you made a Dwarf instead ;].
If I’m spoiling any potential fun from that possible future exchange - that was my point all along.


the emphasis was on mage, not dwarf. Suggesting making a mage was peculiar.


You might be right and if that’s the case… gnomes didn’t knew they had competition and rely on stereotypes :smiley:


I’ll help you



“ackshually” :face_with_monocle:
dwarf mages weren’t a thing until cataclysm :wink:

you see, they were taken out in beta before launch -after the manual had already been printed :smile:

^now that’s just silly to remove, ofc you can’t put a cow on a horse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha it seems to be a pretty obscure thing though. Isn’t your realm of expertise more ants then fish anyways? :yum:



My username started as a combination of Watermelon and Apple, and then I tried changing it around a bit, and somehow ended up creating a cursed abomination of a name that I think sounds nice.


Your name reminds me of like an old school NES RPG spell where they ran out of room for “water pillar”


Which means they still were a thing. Never said when I made the character. That goes along with what I remember of playing the mage.


heheh my comment was more in the sense of slight jist that i was from the pre-cata era, a jest of snobby WoW “purity” if you will :blush: “muh nostalgia!” :triumph:
hope i didn’t come of as serious/rejecting the notion of dwarf mages being a thing as more than a jk :hugs:


amazing XD


I have extensive experience in stream ecology… But I certainly see the point.


In 2002, when C&C Renegade was released and I bought it, I needed an online name. Day before I’ve watched some dumb movie (the joy of sex) where the concept of ‘blueflame’ was used. (enjoy ). I switched it around a bit as GreenFires.

Few months later I’ve shortenend it and added an X (you know, to sound ‘cool’ :P)

Et voila, I’ve been Grefix for 17 years now. Now I come to think of it, I’ve named myself after farts on fire :no_mouth:


I’m always bad at coming up with creative names. So in 2010 when i still played flash games, i came across a 2D online game called Plazma Burst 2, it’s a shooter game with a campaign, multiplayer mode and a level editor that i really like to play around with and invite others into it.

And to play this game and have my maps saved i had to register, so my real name starts with N, and i wanted something other than my real name, i thought of the first name that came in my mind starting with N.
And so it became Nick, and the 9X9 after it, well…it’s just something random that i thought of on the spot, and for some reason i use it since with different variations. :slight_smile:

(i know…i’m creative)


Once upon a time, I actually had a main in WoW (as opposed to now, when I have a stable of alts) and her name was Lilene. (Belf hunter, in case anyone cares.)

You can kind of chart when I created various gaming-related site accounts between 2006 and 2015 or so based on which of my WoW character names is the username; I typically used the one that my guild mates called me by in chat/Vent at the time.

I tend to customize my usernames based on which area of my life the site applies to. Gaming stuff gets toon names, media fandom stuff gets my writing pseud, Grown Up Adulting Stuff gets some variation on my real name, etc., and I try to avoid crossing the streams. :wink:

Side note: My icon is just me. It’s an avatar I created as part of an online course and liked enough to keep using. My hair is long now, and in RL is more salt-and-pepper than completely gray, but it’s essentially representational.


It’s… my name xd