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Explain Your Username!


Shiba inu + things to make it original :slight_smile:


This channel is gold if you like shibes and memes. Which I’m assuming you do. :butterfly:

Oh ye, also welcome to the forums!


But cats are better

I have a derailing certificate



I love that powering up video. Thanks, fren.

Don’t we all? Last I checked it was a prerequisite for using the Chrono Forums™


I got my name from what it seems to be multiple episodes of the Fantasy Fiction podcast, which is great to listen to from ContinueShow, or just continue? (yes, it has a question mark in the name) and Josh Henderson who if I remember correctly came up with the name Fred the Skull Peeler. Not sure about the two other names which will be mentioned later. It seems I may have mixed up some names, from Episode 20: Blacksmiths and Crypts, there is Oforrokth the Skull Harvester, Episode 12: Snake Lords, with my actual name, but there is an extra R which spells Korroth the Slave, which I had not meant to name myself after a slave, then there is Episode 59: Elixirs and Vampires, where there is an elixir for Fred the Skull Peeler which I think I may have meant to name myself after him. Not sure about which Episodes these characters first appeared. But then it ended up to actually to be after Oforrokth the Skull Harvester because it seems I must have misheard the name. Clearly, I must have mixed everything up due to me not listening to Fantasy Fiction in a long time and my horrible memory and thought the name was meant to be Koroth the Skull Peeler. Not Korroth the slave or even Oforrokth. I can see where I must have mixed up Skull Harvester and Skull Peeler since they both have skull in the name. This is such a confusing and long explanation for a name, but I do like the backstory behind it. Even though it is incredibly confusing and difficult to explain. Nonetheless that is how I confusingly came up with the name Koroth.


MOO was taken


really ? :thinking:
(maybe you should ask them for a name change now :wink: “only 50,000 coins for an optional customization option” :money_mouth_face:)


maybe i should, but i’m almost 5k coins short…


well my name is wasi, and in 6th grade my gym coach called me wasabi. And all those names were taken so i chose wasabiyoyo :smiley: Now give me free stuff <3


I have 53317 Coins…

My name:

All the MMO characters names I have I kinda pulled out of thin air. Except Dwarlock and Dwarmage (Dwarf 'lock and mage in WoW).


“a dwarf mage ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: preposterous!” :face_with_monocle:


So Vindace is something that I came up with after playing Kingdom Hearts. Mostly I was younger and liked Ventus, but figured that name would always be taken by the time I got around to joining anything, so I had to figure something else out. So I tried to make some combination of Ventus and vengeance, so Vendace was born out of that. But asthetically I liked the look of Vindace better than Vendace (and it was often taken less), so I ended up choosing that more as time went on.

Unfortunately in tons of online games people give it a quick read and often say Vin"dance" instead.

Also apparently Vendace is a breed of fish. Go figure.


MFW Your username is the name of an animal group (and I don’t immediately recognize/know it):


Mine is self-explanatory i hope :smiley:


Don’t be silly, it’s not self-explanatory. Please explain.


the corollary is “WrapYourWilly” :rofl:


I seem to be misplacing memes into the ‘Explain your username thread’.

I’m going, I’m going.


I know! Hahahaha I was just joking :joy:

Plus their Steam username is the whole thing – in case anyone wasn’t sure on what they meant initially I guess.

I actually smile everytime I read that username because I am a certified child. :baby:


I think that should be your title… <.< >.>