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Explain Your Username!


well that kinda helps, i kept mentally pronouncing it as “Missy Loon”, like it was a reference to being loony/nuts :sweat_smile:

i’m not jealous
i’m not jealous
i’m not jealous


It’s not the first time I hear “missy loon” haha I might be a bit crazy, but not to abnormal :stuck_out_tongue:


@Gnuffi The best kind of hug :blush:

@coralinecastell :heart:


And then there’s people like me who misread it and think it says missile at first.


That one is new to me! :smiley:


Bet now one will know where my username comes from :open_mouth:


My first name is Kirstie, but I’ve never really liked my name. When I was a kid I used to meow a lot, which is weird cause I’m a dog person, so people began to call me Kitty. For some reason I just don’t really like the letter y all that much so I began to spell it Kitti and it stuck with everyone else too.

In highschool my best friend would call me K-bear, so eventually I just started using the username KittiBear and have been for 10+ years. It’s stupid, but it’s me.


Hi I like your name; I enjoyed Coraline(but it scared me silly…lol) and I do art stuff so adore Faber Castell stuff…win/win!


You’re probably one of those cates disguised as a doggo, secret agent Kitti.


Then check this out!


Honestly, if anything I’m a shiba inu, the catto of doggos. Can confirm cause I have one and she is the least doggo of dogs I have ever had in my life.



ohshit, it mi