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Epic Vs Steam and Regional Pricing


I sincerely doubt that, since u dont even all use the same currency


Anywayyyyyy. No regional pricing for me.


yes regional pricing for you, just the most expensive regional pricing :joy:


The exclusives are not anti-competition, they’re the only way for Epic to compete against a monopoly like Valve. Remember, every exclusive means more funding for the developer, and possibly excepting the very biggest publishers, what’s good for devs is good for consumers because they put that funding right back into their games.


Well, I mean, they spy on you, mine your data, sell it and their practices are disgusting. Their games could be $30 cheaper than Steam but if they are delving into my personal data and then shipping it off to the Chinese (who mistreats their people like they mean nothing but dog shit) or what have you to make even more filthy $$$$ off their audience (even worse, largely, their audience is comprised of 8-12yrs), they will never have my patronage. There are sites that offer legal ways of getting Steam games cheaper, too, if that $10 coupon they give means so much. GMG, Fanatical, Amazon (Do they still sell Steam games?) and And as far as I know, they aren’t all slimier than the surface water of a wetland.

After all, there is a reason Steam is valued.


I’m 100% convinced that every single thing we do online is logged and kept by projects such as ECHELON etc., so to me it makes literally 0% difference, and even if it wasn’t the case, i personally wouldn’t care about it. I simply take that into consideration (the fact that they see, log, and keep everything i do online [and through my phone cams, microphones, etc.]) into what I do in my personal life, and that’s it.

Ofc I don’t have a problem with anyone having a different opinion regarding these things, and so each is free to do as they please.

I value Steam as well. It’s a service I use. And now I value Epic’s super cheap games (for me) as well, and I use that service as well. (hey, at least Epic give me the option to spend actual money on their store; maybe one day Steam will do so as well :thinking:)


How the HEKK did you get Jedi Fallen Order for only 13,23$?


Thanks so much for bringing this down. We get deals here on Chrono, Humble, Fanatical, Indiegala - wherever to activate on drum roll please!: Steam.

That’s why I never got the baseline hatred for exclusives as a concept. Mind, it sucks when a Kickstarted game goes the exclusive route to X-publisher, but that’s nothing to do with using exclusivity as a reasonable business model.

Like buying a game on Humble that you still have to activate via UPlay. coughMUCHcough

Meh, idc much, as every company is watching out for its own bottomline - no matter which business model they use to do it. I’m not in Valve’s inner sanctum, no idea what things they do that I don’t know about, so I’m not judging any of them.

In any case, Epic as competition or not for Steam, this is the first time that Steam hasn’t broken when a sale started, lol. Whatever is the cause of that, it’s a good surprise.


Preach, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


exactly my thoughts, I can’t express how surprised I was when the page actually loaded for me, the first day! The first 2 hours of the sale! What!? I personally can’t remember the last time that has happened. Usually it would take at least 5 or 6 hours or so, and last time it wouldn’t work several days for me. I even came and asked ppl about it here.


Yeah yeah Regional Pricing EU:


dude, just move to Burundi, you can probably get it for like $1.5 over there :rofl:


Someone has to absorb the fees if they do this–either the client in question (Steam), the devs or, sadly, the customer. Once it doesn’t become viable for them (turn a profit) they axe it. GOG had it for a long time, but it couldn’t be maintained, and they had to get rid of it. The same thing will happen with Epic. That 12% cut is not and never was sustainable and it was proven on twitter when Sergey Galyonkin started talking about how adding more payment methods was too costly for them and they would have to start charging you, the customer, to sustain everything. Makes you realize that price cut on their games wasn’t the straight up fairy magic they tried to make out to be. :smirk:

(also, don’t want it to come off that I don’t agree with you that it isn’t fair for other countries in this situation, just trying to put it out there why these companies don’t offer these options (at least for long) and whatnot)


well, this is where i dont get it:

say you made a game, so you invested in it, and you went through the whole development and paid all salaries and your rent and electricity and all that, and now you start selling that game

say it’s a great game, everyone wants to buy it

it sells great in the developed countries, and you (and the stores) make lots of money selling it there at $60

how does it benefit you to only sell 1,000 copies in a poor country at $60 vs 50,000 at $20, for example?

the same goes for the store, exactly the same, how is missing out on money ever a positive? It’s purely lost revenue.

and this has nothing to do with the 12% btw. do you know who published this Star Wars game? frikkin EA

it’s not like Epic games is selling this game at $28 only in Egypt without EA’s approval, right? And it surely isn’t cuz Epic only takes 12% vs 30% that this is possible either. You can’t sell a game at 47% (or whatever) of its price cuz the store only takes 12% vs 30%. And it’s not as if EA is going to do that if they’re losing money on it, is it? The only reason EA is doing that is cuz of the considerations i expressed above: obtaining more revenue by selling incrementally more copies at lower prices is far better than not selling (or hardly) any at full price; that’s also the only reason there are sales in the first place


Because people buy 49k copies in a poor country then move them to the rich countries and sell them for $30 which means you’re losing out on $40 from people who would otherwise have had to buy it for $60.


euh, no, they don’t give you a key, you have to link your origin account, and they know where you buy it from and where you activate and play it


For the core of your question; it becomes too expensive for the store to start selling to multiple countries and maintain a profit. It becomes impossible. Once it stops losing their interest, that’s it. The dev can try something, I don’t know the full intricate details of their authority in this matter. Perhaps I’m not explaining it very well, but the bottom line is they generally don’t offer these options because giving the customers the option in the long run starts to run them down cost wise, and they have to either charge the customer more or drop it entirely. And since charging the customer to make up the difference would be the same thing as the other, they usually just drop it.

What Fraggles mentioned is also a big issue. And not all stores function like this. And they shouldn’t. I should reserve the right to purchase a key–not an automatic link. What if I’m buying a key gift?

There are tons of issues with it, and tons of reasons why the stores avoid it or end up stopping support. They have too many things to debate or lose out on, especially the dev.


I’m sorry, but i cant agree with that at all. Low percentages of revenue are always better than no revenue. And you have to carry the cost of running your store regardless. So unless you can explain how exactly selling this game at $28 is costing Epic money instead of making them money, there’s just no way i can accept “just because” as a reason


Well steam in their benevolence and desire to specifically NOT be a monopoly does not do that, since that apparently needs to be mentioned again. And that is precisely what did and has happened and why steam had to cut back on regional pricing, they used to have 2 EU regions with lower prices for the east. This even used to happen with physical copies of games, so I’m just telling you why publishers are hesitant to do it.

If Epic’s control over their market is such that it’s impossible to even gift games to someone else then sure they have no reason not to offer regional prices. But I kind of like being able to give people games.


Epic bad, Epic evil

that about sums it up

not a single thing they’ve ever done can be allowed to be seen as good (or not even as not bad)