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Epic Vs Steam and Regional Pricing


It’s just me or shitstorm around Epic Store just died down ? I do not see any more news about exclusivity deals and stuff like that .

At least Fallout 76 is a gift which just keeps on giving , lol .

Epic Giveaways: Will Continue Through 2020!
Epic Giveaways: Will Continue Through 2020!

It’s just that all that’s worth saying has been said. Those opposed remains opposed those who caved can’t really do anything. At this point we’re in a ‘time will tell’ state but I think it’s safe to say that Epic did not manage to upend and destroy steam as so many seemed to think would happen. Steam declining to engage with them and their ludicrous demands was clearly the right thing to do.

We’ll see how long Epic’s Chinese and Fortnite money will last and how many people will care about them once the free games stops flowing.



Well if they would have just sticked to giving people good free games avoiding all that exclusivity business i feel that they would have ended up like good guys and in a way better position than they are now.

Me personally i would most likely stick to Steam anyway , for convenience sake , while grabbing those free games occiasionally . Though now i just avoid EGS all together and while i must say that it’s tempting to get some of those freebies , Epic just left really bad impression on me so i’m staying away.


Neat game. I beat it after 2 hours and I’d probably do a lot of playthroughs if I was the type of person that played any game more than once.

I think the real problem for Epic is that there’s absolutely no reason for anyone to buy a game from them if it’s also available on Steam, and I doubt they’ll ever be able to improve so much for that to be the case.

It seems like these games will each only be free for a day so don’t delay in picking them up.


Yup. :heart:


Epic saved gaming in 2019.






To be fair the freebies was the only reason I ever started their launcher. I’m sure they realized that most of us never stuck around as actual customers.

Epic is in that same boat now. The freebies they throw out with all their “fuck you money” won’t make people stay on their platform.




You better hide, dude. Someone’s gonna be insane to find you personally.


honestly, I gotta say I no longer care about having all my games on Steam only. I guess getting RDR2 on Rockstar launcher cured me from that, and I just found out that Epic now does accept my Payoneer payments (though I’ll see if these purchases don’t get cancelled somehow - I half expect that to happen.)

I can understand ppl might not like it or whatever, but u rly can’t beat their regional pricing (+ their $10 additional, renewable, endless [during sales] coupon). Just compare:





and now I’m just gonna wait till these sales end, and then I’ll be able to apply (my third!!!) $10 coupon to this as well and get it even cheaper than during the sales itself.



I’m with you there mein cow pets. I got Hades on there and sorry I didn’t go for Ashen as well.


who knows, maybe some day I’ll even buy a game on GOG @Fraggles :joy:


i’ve committed the biggest sin imaginable…


I wish i could get some use from regional pricing but besides poor Australians we Europeans pay most for games anyway.


regardless of what your intentions are (I don’t claim to know, but I’ve clearly shown what I think it is [or at least looks like to me]), I have two things to say about it:

  1. I seriously dislike exclusives (even timed ones) but I don’t think it’s the end of the world either.

  2. Everyone will agree that Valve has suddenly completely changed (on sooooo many levels), and I think even a blind person will not be able to deny that Epic’s sudden, dramatic, and aggressive challenge is the main reason for that.

Hence, though I wouldn’t say Epic saved Valve/Steam, it certainly lead to its improvement (again, on so many levels), and so I think ppl should at the very least recognize that.

Bottom line is: ppl hate Epic cuz of exclusives cuz it’s anti-competition but in doing whatever they did (the bad included - not going to deny it), they did noticeably increase competition in the market and we can already see some positive results because of it, and I’m pretty sure more will follow (and lower prices or at least better conditions for developers overall might be one of those, at least eventually).


Europe is a big place, but let’s not jump into conclusions.


Erm, European Union i mean , i guess. Since we all pay same for the games.