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Epic Giveaways: Will Continue Through 2020!


Based on the image they showed


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Free Now till Dec 23 at 11:00 AM EST.


Ah, my guess within a guess was right.


Gonna try to pull a @PeteMccLooks like Ape Out might be up tomorrow.


Thanks. Myself, I forgot how quickly these subjects escalate. T_T There were tons of post before mine too, I for one, apologize for clogging the main topic.


NBG. It happens… We all do it…It’s just the giveaways were getting lost in the discussion.


thank you :heart:.

Now then, Little Inferno is a game that I bought and played when it first came out on IOS, mostly because I loved the devs (they made World of Goo). It’s not a particularly deep game, but it does have a pretty decent message, and it’s fun enough for a play through. It can be finished relatively quickly I do believe, so I’d say it’s worth a try, especially for free.


Picked it up. The graphics are mega cute. Didn’t even try to install it on my sweet potato. Tired of being disappointed when I can’t… le sigh. Anyway, is it a short one?


Relatively. I don’t remember it taking longer than a day or two, and I think part of that was having timers on the objects for the story you had to wait on (they are framed in-game as being mail-order, so it worked within the story). I don’t remember there being a way to speed it up but there might have been.


Free Now till Dec 24 at 11:00 AM EST.


Anyone wants to take a crack at tomorrow’s freebie?

My guess is Journey. (or just wishful thinking?)


great game


That is the Mountain from Celeste, but they only just gave it away recently, so I am confused
I am about half way through it and stopped for some reason, great platformer but I gotta get back to it


ppl gonna be pissed about that if it’s a repeat


I guessed Journey becase Celeste would be a repeat too, and I thought it was too obvious… :rofl:

Although I suppose their hints aren’t exactly meant to be misleading or confusing so far.

Completely agree, and I am completely mesmerized by the speedruns I have seen.

Well, some people will also be happy to have another chance to claim it, if they missed the first time.

I actually am surprised that the freebies up until now have had 0 repeats.

And people complaining about free stuff, what’s new… haha…


Yeah maybe, to me a free game is a free game, but it was only a few months ago they gave away this one so it might ruffle some feathers

EDIT: I had a look at my receipt, it was given away in late August/Early September


Next game gonna be Mt. Everest Simulator 2k19 :stuck_out_tongue:


the contrast fits :thinking:


My guess: