Which one?

Life isn't pointless (friendly debate)

Nurgle, it’s the only God that can save us now. His salvation will change us into something unrecognizable, but rejoice in his rot as it will make us stronger.


Take it easy and know we are praying for ya.

I left you a PM :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Me :slight_smile:


the only One there is, regardless of whether you call him God, Dieu, Allah, Elohim; the One Who sent all the prophets with the same message, the Creator, the One Who created all diseases and all cures

I’m not trying to make this thread into something it’s not supposed to be now, just answering your question.

Life isn't pointless (friendly debate)

All non essential travel is now being discouraged in the UK and especially London. Going to pubs, clubs and restaurants etc
This is a big change in the previous advice. I was already working from home though.


Well 99% of cases i just avoid this topic alltogether because people tend to be super butthurt about their religion but imho religion is worst invention of human kind.

Though when it comes to topics like this one , there you talk about countless people risking their lives to help us all (scientists,doctors in this case and/or fireman or rescuer teams in some natural disaster case ) it’s that 1% i dont feel like avoiding this.

Imaginery friends shouldnt be part of this. They do not have a single thing to do with this issue. Our doctors and medical workes and at the end of the day our own hygene and awarness is what’s going to get us through this , not magical beings in the sky wherever someone think they live at.

Life isn't pointless (friendly debate)

you are as much entitled to believe whatever you wish to believe as I am, my friend; I have my belief and you have yours; I used to believe the same as you do now, but then I actually researched it, and based on what I found, that changed.

as for applying all we’ve learned so far and praising the ppl who are actively fighting this and trying to protect ppl and cure them, we 100% agree on that :slight_smile:

Life isn't pointless (friendly debate)

Well i cant say i do entirely understand what you mean. It’s not what i believe in, it’s what i’m not believing in and feeling like it has no place in real life issues BUT i do not feel like arguing will bring anything of value here.

I said what i was compelled to say and i’m happy to leave it at that.

Life isn't pointless (friendly debate)

I think @DontBeSilly shouldn’t have derailed the thread by bringing up the topic of religion over what’s basically a figure of speech…

Can you cite your sources? I’m curious to see what changed your mind.

Life isn't pointless (friendly debate)

Feel free to take it into PMs, we don’t really need this thread to move into proselytizing.

Should really look into joining the putrid legions of Nurgle though, for reals.


Well 2 confirmed cases in Barbados now. They are in quarantine. We’re not shutdown or anything yet. Gotta see how things go.


I hope it stays that way. I just got (temporarily) cut from my restaurant job until further notice, as we’ve cut back to take out only. Things are starting to close down more and more here, which honestly I think is for the better until this blows through.


Same. They are going to have to discourage cruise ship passengers from disembarking. Our main industry is tourism, but right now, the foreign exchange can’t be more of a priority than public health. That’s just the idealist in me talking maybe.


I’m honestly surprised cruise ships are still going through right now.


I was hoping you guys would stay out of the shit storm. Good news is Barbados was prepared several weeks ago for testing.


In the event you want to contribute your hardware cycles (CPU and/or GPU – power usage also being implied) to helping research COVID-19, feel free to try Folding@Home: The link below will have more information if you have any questions.

This app has been around for awhile now, used in researching other things like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

If you have any questions about the app download and how it runs, feel free to @ me here. I’ve been running it on and off for a few years now.




We still have the dolphins


There has been reports of the clearer waters around Venice due to the lack of boats bringing back swans and fish. If a dolphin shows up, I’m gonna take that as a ‘so long and thanks for all the fish’ and REALLY freak out :expressionless: