There are coronovirus map websites that are malicious on the internet. I know I don’t need to tell you, but don’t go to questionable websites for news or maps that have information on the coronavirus.

If you need to know if a link is malicious.

Throw the url in there and have it scanned. I updated my own coronavirus map. The previous one I had was suspicious or something so might as well be safe.

Please don’t go to random websites on the internet.


Here are some good links, some of which is stuff i’m using for my random python projects. Still be careful though especially with the crowd sourced links.

The supermarkets are really emptying out so much everyone is crazy buying now. Buying up everything. Fresh foods too??
The restaurants near me still have a lot of people in them though.


Thanks. Just installed it on my computer and currently running it. I do wonder how they address privacy concerns since you are going to send in information to them, although it’s in their website somewhere I didn’t bother to read.


My salary got cut by 50% due to the effect from the Virus. I am honestly more worried about the economy than the actual virus


Yup. Virus itself is a joke compared to economical impact it will have.


I look after an office building as a contracted security guard and the site services manager has decided to enable all 397 employees to work from home…apart from me obviously. So the building is now closed and I have a 4 week period without work or pay. This is going to be interesting. On a plus note I have time to play some games. Enjoying Ori and the Blind Forest for the first time.


Hopefully, but probably not, it will skyrocket back up. People panicking like idiots will be our destruction.


While the illness is a cakewalk for most people the problem lies in it’s infectiousness. If we don’t take it seriously and figure we can just let it “run it’s course”, break quarantine, don’t try to limit it’s spread then it will infect the entire population and we are simply not ready to handle even the tiny percentages of people that will require medical assistance. This would result in millions of dead.

It truly sucks for everyone who lose their jobs and income, I don’t have a solution to that but I’m afraid we can’t prioritize “the economy” in this situation.


Agreed. What i meant is that economical fallout will be more damaging than virus itself not that we shouldnt treat it very seriously .



Still doing good?


For the scalpers who are buying entire stocks to resell. After stores are restocked and everyone gets their supplies, costco did the obvious thing and refuses returns. Now they get to sleep on their king sized bed of toilet paper.

Also, you wouldn’t want to accept certain returns since they could be “contaminated.”


Alive, but not sure I’m well. @YQMaoski gifted me Legend of Keepers and now I’m addicted. :poop:


Hang in there dude!


Kurzgesagt did really nice video on the subject


They always do .


While people are quarantined you can also watch a documentary on the 1918 Spanish flu.


Gambino released this today:

pretty nice to listen to something during this whole situation


Uk is properly in lockdown now. Not surprised with everyone ignoring social distancing so much and gathering in spaces. But its kinda bad cuz so many of the shops are closing and this place is far out so most places do not deliver here. Well still allowed to drive to shops. Would have been better if people actually did what they were supposed to.


Well my country is in the second week of lockdown . It sucks but it is what needs to be done so even though people going bonkers from sitting at home and business are going down what’s the alternative really ? Hundreds of thousands dead.


South Africa is going into lockdown on Friday. Really glad they have a quick response to this because in general we don’t have faith in our government. I’m happy at the response because people are not doing what they should be - they’re abusing working from home by going out to eat and shop, etc when they should stay home and we’ve jumped from 1 to 400 in 18 days. I was upset at the effect on the economy before, but that was back when there was barely any infected and I was more worried personally about debts, food, etc. I was also pro for less population (because overpopulation) but didn’t consider the effect on the medical system which would result in a far worse disaster with more deaths and economical collapse.

While this is pretty serious, sad and terrifying, don’t you think it’s interesting at the same time? Seeing how the world and different governments respond as well as seeing how it spreads, etc.