Hey all. Haven’t been able to post or do much for a while, a mysterious illness knocked me on my ass about a week ago and I’ve been struggling through it. Turns out all my travel and Far East connections didn’t exactly help with my exposure. Went to get tested finally on Tuesday and been in in-home quarantine now for 4 days.

It sucks. A lot. First sign was sore throat. Hard to form coherent sentences in brain (most due to lack of sleep now), arms sore, legs sore, head ache, of course standard sinus infection and post-nasal drip, ear infection (why?! Unlucky…), fever/chills at random times, and coughing with abnormally high amounts of sneezing (even when healthy I usually sneeze twice every time. Now I just get triggered by something and go into sneezing fits), deep chest ache, and sore ribs (from coughing too hard). Sleep is maybe 45min at a time, awake maybe 2 hours at a time, constant daze.

So lessons learned once actually sick:

  1. GET TESTED immediately. It’s free.
  2. If you have it, self-quarantine or go to hospital immediately. DO NOT SPREAD MORE. Should be common sense, but you know…talk to doctors and they will guide you on choices.
  3. DRINK boatloads of WATER, even if super painful and peeing lots or leaking from every face hole you have. Basic aspirin helps me with headaches, nothing fancy necessary, but water water water. Helps with the fever/chills too.
  4. Been through almost 2 full boxes of tissues for those budgeting. Stop panic-buying 3 aisles of toiletries, even if you catch it it’s not like you need apocalypse-levels of tissues and toilet paper. Good general rule of thumb: DON’T PANIC.
  5. Try to SLEEP. At least that’s what the doctors keep saying. At least time is passing and your body does all the work to fight the virus, so give it the best chance possible.

Today was the worst day so far so hopefully this is the hump and we can start recovery next week, but I hadn’t seen anything related on what to do if you actually get the virus. Obviously LISTEN TO DOCTORS AND EXPERTS (not social media influencers or gamers on sales forums) and do all the precautions to avoid catching it in the first place like washing with hot soapy water for ~20 seconds and avoid touching your face, but this was more a crash course in what to do if that fails and you are a lucky winner.

P.S. too fatigued to play games, but not for lack of trying. Instead I’ve been watching really cringe and boring shows that I don’t need 10 brain cells working together to understand, and can mostly listen to. The Office is perfect: everyone always told me to watch it, so 1) I’m fulfilling a social duty, 2) you know the exact face everyone is making at any moment since all the actors have the depth of an empty children’s pool and 3) I haven’t laughed once, so it hasn’t triggered any coughing fits. No offense to anyone that likes The Office (I know I’m in the minority that’s why I’m forcing myself to finally watch it), but it’s basically a bunch of adults acting like children the entire show. I’m near season 3 finale and I can list 3 scenes total that made me chuckle at best: 1) episode office finds out Oscar is gay so Angela brings in hand sanitizer and Meredith takes a giant pump and licks it out of her hand. Stupid, gross, and in-character so I kinda expected it, but it met expectations and I chuckled at what actors are willing to do to be a part of a mainstream show. 2) Also the running gag about Phyllis’s fiancé Bob Vance - Vance Refrigeration, even the pastor at the wedding introduced him that way and I admired the commitment and stupidity of it all. 3) Creed says some really oddball things, I think one of his homelessness jokes caught me off guard and finally made me smirk. I like Creed and also the warehouse manager, Daryl. Both seem the most human (quirky but believable). The central romance between Pam and Jim though honestly makes me hope I don’t wake back up from the next Corona nap it’s so stupid. And the main reason I’m so harsh on the show is because it’s meant to be a show that’s shot from a “reality TV” perspective, so the idea is that this is a “real office”. Michael Scott and Dwight and Tobey and Andy and the way they treat each other is so ridiculous that none of the show seems remotely funny to me. Again, just perspective. I find shows similar like Parks and Recreation to be much better. Not “the best”, but clearly comedy isn’t being forcefully executed by a swift kick to the head anytime Tina Fey appears on 30 Rock or Amy Poehler directs a scene in P&R, unlike The Office. I think the main actor Steve Carrell and a lot of the others are funny in other projects and in their own right, but on this specific show? I truly am just watching The Office to pass time and not think about how miserable I am and I don’t feel bad if I pass out from boredom and miss half an episode. Just my opinion.

P.P.S. Okay. I pass out again now, everything aches and this took almost an hour to type on my phone, but I wanted to get this out. Goodnight, and game on.


Hey, just to give you some support through this tough time. I know you can get through this! Also here’s advice from the WHO and a blessed image.

Got these images here:

Do you have like a streaming service or something? Or just cable/satellite TV since I’m curious.


It sucks that you got it. This is one of the diseases I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. From what I have gathered, even “mild” cases are rough and unpleasant.

This is a problem. Other than “self-quarantine”, I have yet to see good guidance on what I should legitimately do if I got it.

I’ve heard the sickness timeframe is approximately 7-10 days from. Hope you get over it soon.


Yeah so some things you’ve said here is kind of wrong, or at least not accurate to everyone.

  1. Don’t get tested just because it’s free, if it even is wherever you are. Tests are still limited in quantity. Your eligibility to be tested will depend, most people do not need to be tested. If you feel ill stay at home, talk to your medical services about how to proceed.
  2. Self quarantine, yes. DO NOT GO TO A HOSPITAL. They’re likely already swamped with people for you to infect and in most cases there’s nothing they can do for you. Contact your medical services first and only come in if they ask you to.

Follow the guide lines of your country or state’s medical services. They’re all different in how they are able to handle this situation. Don’t follow the advice of people not in your local region.

Hope you get better soon @Shalandir.


First, I’m not spreading any misinformation. This is literally word-for-word from the health care system and personal experience going through it, I specifically said what to do if sick. If you are already exhibiting signs of the virus (I was) and a test is available (it was quick and easy), it was the right thing to do. Obviously not every person on the planet needs to waltz in and get tested today, I never suggested or implied that. I am Case number 3 for Nevada I think? They need to keep track and they hunted down who I had been in contact with over the past 2 weeks once I tested positive.

Second: If a doctor orders you to a hospital, you go to the hospital. If you have complications, they can and will prefer to quarantine you at the hospital. In fact, in Nevada we still have thousands of free beds available for potential quarantine so they prefer if you have any complications to maintain 24/7 care with you. Again, didn’t think I needed to state this, but if you can stay home and the doctors let you, do it. Don’t put words in my mouth.

As for water intake, this is post-contraction. I heard rumors about some bs of keeping throat wet and virus just slides into stomach acids or whatever, I’m not talking about that that is clearly debunked and a waste of my time, I know you’re all smarter than that. Go hit up CDC, WHO, etc for how to avoid if you’re trying to avoid. However, once sick (with Corona or any flu) it’s common to not drink enough and possibly become dehydrated. This is because it hurts to drink and/or move and/or get up to pee. And you’re sinuses are dripping all over so you think you’re good on fluids. But water helps your body regulate temperature, water helps carry away waste and dead cells from the frontline war your system is waging on the virus, and it helps your kidneys to stay functioning. Nobody wants to complicate things by adding problems. Please stop implying the wrong intent with my words, I’m just relaying basics I’ve been ordered to do to keep my favorite Chronobuddies safe.

You know I don’t want to spread disinformation and Chrono deserves the best, so I’m not editing or changing any of my post. I assume everyone that wants good info is up to speed on prevention, again through reputable sources like John Hopkins or CDC, but this is the only firsthand account I see in our forums so I’m trying to share what happens once you cross over to the other side. Will update in the future.


This is information from YOUR healthcare system.

Which is my point, this is the information you’ve gained from the health care system in your city. It will not necessarily even apply to the next city over, much less another country.

All I’m saying is for everyone to seek this information from their local health services, not the internet.


Seriously sucks to hear about this, I hope you get the best medical treatment possible. This is a rough time, and hopefully you’ve not accidentally infected someone unknowingly. I’m glad you can be at home at least, that sounds nicer than being stuck at the hospital, if only for comfort. Thanks for keeping us updated.


Sucks that a lot of people act like it’s a meme, leaving their houses like it’s vacation even though they were told not to. Thankfully you’re not one of them and is taking every step necessary to recover and not spread it any further. It’s truly unfortunate, but we’re eager for you to recover. Get well Shalandir. :poop:


God cure u and protect you and yours dude. Hope you get well soon.


The coronavirus.

I’m not stressing over it right now. I treat it like any other day, apart from taking some precautions (ex. washing hands, using hand sanitizer, etc).

I know this isn’t as severe an issue as people literally dying from COVID-19, but I’m just completely bummed out at the lack of social interactions I can/am allowed to have this month. All afterschool activities are cancelled, everywhere other than home seems like a death zone, and whenever someone coughs, people automatically assume they have the coronavirus (of course, it’s 110% fine that you’re taking precautions/noticing your surroundings, but seriously, some people take it to such an extreme that it makes me just so pissed off to see everyone shuffle away from someone just because they had a minor cough)

I’ve never lived through something of this magnitude in my life. It’s quite surreal to live through it and not knowing what’s going to happen next.

Our mayor (Bill DeBlasio) is refusing to shut down schools, and although he might have good intentions (less-fortunate people might not have access to online schooling/relying on the free school meals to get through the day, which are all completely fair points), it’s really disappointing to see how he isn’t trying to explore more options.

I go to a school with a massive population (upwards of 6k students), and there is no chance that people aren’t already infected. Deep cleaning of the school is great and all, but in the end, we’re all going to be touching doors and markers and what have you, so it really feels like a trivial thing to do.

Also, @Shalandir, I wish the best for you. Please stay safe.

Have a good month, everyone. Hopefully we’ll all be alive by the end of the month.



I hope you heal buddy.

I don’t know about official methods for dealing with the flu. But I do a few silly things to help manage my cold. I’ve had the cold for 3 weeks so far but I’m almost recovered. I have no idea how this would work with the coronoavirus but the symptoms are similar I guess.

Sore throat:
I get a spoonful of honey and mix salt+lemon/lime into it. Then I put it in my mouth and just keep it in my mouth as the saliva slowly brings it down my throat. Don’t worry about just swallowing it, that’s just how I do it. I don’t know why I do this it’s just what my parents did when I was small. I can guess the honey is so sticky it coats the throat and the salt and lime…do something?

Stuffed nose:
I do a few pushups and it opens up my nasal passages. Apparently doing light exercise and being a little short of breath makes your body think it needs air and opens it up. I have no proof that’s true but I do it sometimes and it works. The only annoying part is having to do some pushups while sick and it doesn’t last too long.

Mucus & Phlegm
I love taking hot baths. Steaming hot. Slightly scolding is perfect. I have no proof but I’m sure taking a hot shower increases your body temperature a little. Maybe helps kill some of the virus at least externally? But the best part is the steam from the shower helps loosen phlegm and nose mucus. So that’s double points. I can take 2 or 3 showers a day. REMEMBER to drink lots of water beforehand. Don’t dehydrate yourself with an hour long shower and get dizzy and pass out. If you’re dizzy or light headed, you messed up and you need to sit in the shower and lower the temperature or turn it off until you feel better.

I have never been able to do it more than a few times in my life. It’s a bit hard to do because you shift your body as you sleep. But there is this specific way to sleep on your back. While you’re sleeping and breathing, the phlegm sloooowly slides up your esophagus and dries up from the lack of moisture in the back of your mouth or behind your nose. After I wake up from naps or nightly sleep, I immediately take a shower. The steam gets at the dried phlegm and loads and loads of phlegm just erupts from your holes. It’s gross but very satisfying. Of course, if you just wake up and go about your day, it loosens naturally and falls right back down.

That’s all I can recall for now. Nothing beats meds though. I do these silly things at least for the placebo effect.

PS. I also don’t think The Office is that funny. I get annoyed when the camera pans around showing everyone’s reaction to every little event. I get it. I’m supposed to feel like how they feel because I see their reaction. Stop telling me how I should feel. I bet the show wouldn’t be as funny if they deleted all the face reaction pan shots they add.

@Enki I know exactly what you mean.

The hubris is so strong in some people. Having safe lives and never encountering true danger makes for these irresponsible situations.


Shoutout to the doctors and nurses and others who are taking the risk of infection in order to help out those in need.


Oh well, it seems like shitshow finally reached my country as well. We only had one confirmed case for almost a week but in past two days it went up to 7 cases and everything is stopping to a halt.

Airports are closing down, country borders are locked ( we belong to schengen ) , all educational facilities, sports arenas etc etc all being closed down.

Tbh i do not care too much about the virus being a healthy person but damage for the economy is going to be terrible and that is what most of us should be afraid of.


Well, I think yesterday was the hump for me, I was able to crawl out of bed, shower, take out trash, make coffee, and sit at computer. Head still stuffy, but I’ll survive with some aspirin. As
@GDBringer recommended, lifted free weights + 50 sit-ups and a hot shower did help a ton, same as the hot tea and/or coffee (I drink both).

The cough isn’t gone, I’m still checking in via phone to local clinic. All-in-all though, things are much better and I don’t have to keep torturing myself with The Office. :poop:


I’ve had asthma for decades. Had lung cancer (op removed two thirds of right lung). Also have COPD. I will not survive getting the virus, I don’t think.


Testing is free? When did that happen? Is it national, or state specific? $1300 for testing is impossible for a majority of us.


yeah … well … about that …

not much point in telling ppl it’s free if in most places it isn’t even rly available…


Am I reading this at CDC incorrectly? @testing is in US

edit Ah, I see the issue now: testing is available but not readily available. See low testing numbers at CDC site

edit edit at least more tests have been performed over the last week :smiley: lol sigh


yes, have you looked at the amount of tests on average? even recently?

how about some perspective for u? here it is:

look at the amount of testing per million ppl

edit edit edit: @ARS85 glad u figured it out before i posted (for anyone reading: he did)