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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


that was exactly what i needed to get my head out of my horse’s ass in RDR2 for a bit; I have no idea how I’m gonna go back to working tomorrow. All I wanna do is chase bounties, hunt deer, and learn how to fish…

i too watched the whole vid and then subbed, lol


If you want to watch the entire Marblelympics: (It’s 2.5 hours)

If you want to see the final race and the standings: (7.5 min)




Whichever one you want. Though the hosts might…err… be a bad idea to root for. Just sayin’


My bois didn’t make to this Marblelympics, it’s Team Momo, they suffered some injures the last time I remember hahah, one of them lost a piece in a collision :rofl:




Thought I’d share this video to you guys. The title imo is a little misleading as it was Popcap not so much EA, but you get the gist. As someone who loved playing Zuma’s Revenge, I was sad to learn it was a ripoff of an obscure game. Although I hear Bejeweled (not sure if it was claimed because my memory is fuzzy) and Angry Birds also copied from someone else, so what do I know? An interesting watch all round though.
I’m sure the responses are as interesting as the one in this video.




Ah yes Alton Brown and his hatred for singular use kitchen tools. Love it.

Side note, watching Good Eats was a huge factor in my wanting to go into culinary and pastry as a career.


Game Freak Executes Order 66!


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Bright colours, animation, cartoon characters…that’s the problem. This is so vague and it depends on the FTC’s discretion.


This is too good!


My vote goes to Adgarök.


Should I move all these COPPA posts to this thread?


If you feel like they should sure.


This is a powerful, really well written and researched video. The Closer Look always creates great insightful videos.


Thanks for the link. I have no idea if it should be here since it might just get lost among the rest of these videos. Is there a way to mark it as important or pin or something to stay on the main page? This is something that everyone needs to be aware of.


I can keep YOURS at the top… And make a note that these were added from ongoing thread…ANd move them to yours. Yours has all the petitions all in one post… All the others would just add to the conversation and make things clearer…