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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


30 seconds in, and i’m already mad :disappointed:



@Pylinaer They too mean to the robot. T_T


this almost deserves its own thread, but I’ve started watching A Heist with Markiplier

It’s really well done so far and really cool. It’s a choose your own adventure video series, and alot of love went into it.


@Vindace Yup! I got ending 30/31 eventually. I’m good with that. :slight_smile:


I’ve only been going the last half hour, so I’ve only seen endings 2 and 3. Loving it so far and I think everyone should give it a go.








@Enki that pigeon video be like when you walk into a dungeon with a friend and accidentally summon the raid boss by merely existing


There was an older one, but this one just released this morning! He’s been working on it for like years now.


@coralinecastell The other is A Date with Markiplier. Never did that one, but I’ve been excited for Heist. ^^

Going through again.


you guuuuysss I was a huge fan of choose-your-own-adventure books! had no idea a video version existed. But are there like other programs/channels that do the same thing??

cue Aladdin’s “A Whole New World”


I loved those books too.

There’s a few around, I know Black Mirror (I think) did a choose your own adventure movie, but this is really the first youtuber to do something with high production value like this.

I’m not sure about others though. I’d love to see more done.


So you’re the kind that fall into obvious traps huh, goddammit Cora!

P.S.: I love the head shake in the end like “hecc u binch”


@NICK9X9 A Heist with Markiplier on Youtube is sorta like The Bunker and Night Call. :grinning:

@Vindace has the link higher up. ^^


I have played a youtube choose your own adventure before but I’m unlikely to remember which youtuber did it


Just because…:ghost: :zombie:


Thank you for reminding me about it, saw the thumbnail but didn’t watch it yet! But i will do. :slight_smile:


Alright everyone pack it up, it’s here!!!

I’m honestly impressed, it looks really good so far.


Honestly excited for this one!

Couple of things I’m confused about, though, honest questions so clarity is appreciated:

  1. Does this draw more from the books or the games?
  2. Who’s doing the soundtrack?
  3. How many episodes we looking at for a 1st season?

Especially wondering about 1 because I see they’re emulating Geralt’s gear but at the same time I remember hearing something about the books months ago when we didn’t have much info about the show…

Dang I hope they get a few cool stories off the pages, but won’t mind seeing some quests play out on the big screen either! :blush:


Alright so I haven’t seen conclusively one way over the other, but I’ve been told it’s following the books. The score is being done by Sonya Belousova, and the first season is 8 episodes.


Adblock to Turn on or leave off? Mutahar explains why you should leave it on.


The only thing I disable it for is for YouTube and other sites that host licensed content (the legit ones like Tubi and Spotify, though many of the free ones do require you turn it off anyway), and that’s because I want the creators to earn money. Unfortunately that also means the bad ones get it too, although I could just enable it again.