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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend



“violently blend” :rofl:




they are adapting to human civilization… :dizzy_face:
the Queen’s army is becoming more advanced, the end is nigh! :scream:


“Aqui até as capivaras são educadas!”
“Here even the capybaras are polite!”

LMAO! Thanks so mucho for tagging me, querido. I saw it on r/Brasil but didn’t have earbuds at the time so it was even funnier this time around!

Capybaras are gorgeous animals :heart_eyes:


three-hour-long trailer, lol


sees note, :dizzy_face:
sees Disney, :thinking:… makes sense :man_shrugging:

lets see, (if) disney+ fcn people over with other streaming services, i wonder if piracy will increase, hue hue :face_with_monocle:


Disney is just subtly flexing Disney+ haha



United Staters, please enjoy being made fun of:

:eagle: :us:


I need to get the lift
So I can get a lift
And go to the gym and lift.

Yes… my island was definitely colonized by those dudes back in the day, hee hee.


I can always laugh at myself…


Ergonomics for your desk (home or work) and simple stretches at the end of the video.


I totally agree with most of the stuff, but about the easy reach of stuff I found out that having the keyboard and the mouse on different levels (especially if you are slow sensitivity or pretty fast with the mouse hand person) helps a lot about increasing the comfort … Having a typical mouse + keyboard tray under the desk countertop is pretty common for desks designed 10 -15 years ago. I feel comfortable both ways no matter what is on the tray and the counter top as long as I have space so my hands can go one over the other.
You actually gain more advantage by having the option to work with the forward axis when one of your hands is sitting forward than the other, but that just might be only me :slight_smile:

On more fitting topic for this thread I want to touch the suicide debate of course I saw in the meme stuff by sharing a pretty interesting view on the matter by a “professional” :smiley:

Should be timestamped at 19:30 and makes me laugh every time I see it.



eSports- what is it and how it is defined.



For your worries

PS Not real. Bees are a dead giveaway.


My wife introduced me to this YouTube channel, now I have to go through and watch all of their videos.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, don’t just walk away in disgust, you might still find this video rather funny.