Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


Just like the other topic created by Gnuffi but this one is for Non-game related videos, I decided to make this thread so we can keep the other one on topic about game videos and this one about any nongame related video so go ahead and post any Cool,funny,weird,ect video that you want to share to this community.


I watch the Modern Rogue, it’s a fun channel about almost anything some days they are taste testing beer and the next day there starting fire with batteries and at the end of today’s video hey did an ad for a VPN and it’s one of the funniest ads they have done.


see what i did there?, on topic :smirk:


OMG these are the cutest videos ever.


i think so too, tots adorbs spiderling :blush:, just wanna hug and sqweeze and pet it :hugs:
@nebula7 also added this vid link with some background about the creator


Here’s a video I’ve watched over and over so many times because it just gets better every time through. There’s too much going on to catch it all straight away.

Intentionally not embedded, you need to watch this one in full screen.


Nope. All of the nope.



seriously this is basically all things I love in this green earth IN ONE YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

@Gnuffi, I have recorded an exited thank you in my best childish voice just for you.


(btw my actual voice in case anyone gets disturbed because apparently some people do)

As for a youtube channel:


Well here’s one for the old youtube viewers, does anybody remember Cyriak?

For me there’s nobody there even comes close to the weirdness of not just his content, but also him as a human being.

His upload rutine of releasing a video then going, like, completely silent for a year, upload video, silence again, cycle continues.

An oddball to be remembered :star_struck:


that … was … horrible



but in a rly cool way :rofl::rofl::rofl:


not exceptionally cool or etc, since there is barely anything that tickle me in particular way :disappointed_relieved:
but as i enjoy cooking i always found matt stonie video to be amusing for me, since the ammount he eat is just :sweat_smile: and for some weird reason i enjoy stevenmre since he eats you know pretty much anything past their exp time :joy:


do you also watch ashens and watch him eat terribly expired foods to?


i quite enjoy ERB from time to time


WARNING: This is not for those prone to the fainting couch.

Later that day: The Chinese have reluctantly agreed to come by and see Father Ted.

Watch those in their respective order for the full joke.

And I wouldn’t be doing my boys any justice if I didn’t mention a wee bit of Red Dwarf:


wow… thanks for recommending this, seems like this one got quite a playlist
too bad this one doesn’t contain much mystery stuff like in steve video but i will start binge watching it anyway, thanks for the recommendation :hugs:


no problem, glad i was able to suggest someone new to you.



more Lucas:


while some didn’t like the star wars prequels,
-at least they provided us with masterpieces like this

(weird Al is just one of the most brilliant ever)