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Board game night


:+1: i’m totally okay with signing up for more of that too, throw out some days/times and lets see what we can “squeeze” in Juice with 0 pulp or whatever :smile:


i’m gonna float a time to see if people might be interested avail there for some board jam
Sunday Movember 4th around 7 or 8pm CET (19.00/20.00) ?

can’t really say how my friday/saturday is going to turn out yet. So not really eager too “commit” to something ahead of then, but can potentially be available saturday tho perhaps with a late-last minute notice, -if someone was doing a game there :thinking:


I’m certainly up for it. Don’t think I have anything pressing that needs doing on Sunday evening and I should be free by 1900.


I’ll be home by tomorrow, so unless something goes horribly wrong, count me in too :slight_smile:


Someone gifted me ticket to ride and 100% orange, so I can join you guys on that! :hugs:

Sunday ill be at an elderly people’s home… but maybe I’ll be around about that time. :blush:


Most of these board games will run on any decently advanced pocket calculator, I’m pretty sure if you computer boots it’ll run most of them.


Well then. I might just be able to join!

I’ll give it a try and let you guys know.


I was gifted 100% orange juice so I can join for that. But I kind of don’t keep up with things too great so just message me on steam if we are playing and that might work better for me. But, I haven’t been using steam too much and it kind of just sits there so I might pop in occasionally. Whatever happens, happens.


Actually had heaps of fun today playing 100% Orange Juice and Gremlins with @Fraggles, @Gnuffi, @Vandem and @kylehayman361 . I was dying of laughter pretty often because Gremlins is the most unforgiving board game on God’s green Earth and you guys are some funny dudes :joy:

I hope to do this again and to play with more of you! You guys are awesome – and I’m mean as all hell, aparently :smiling_imp:


soo…where do you meet up … it’s been the second week i missed it…


Well first step is for us to know that you’re actually interested, your previous “maybe some time in the indefinite future” answer didn’t exactly put you at the top of my mind’s list of available participants. As for meeting up, we’re just chatting on steam and on here really.

Today’s session was an ad-hoc one which came to fruition thanks to @coralinecastell simply asking me if I wanted to play. I did and so I combed through the list of potentially interested parties and poked and prodded my way into a decent group.

Other ways is to do what @gnuffi did earlier this week, just ask if anyone’s up for a game this Sunday at a tentative time. Feel free to join us then if you can.


weekends always seem good for people so I just wanna say I’m up for a game tonight. :smiley:
all we need is 4 people for 100% OJ, I’m available after 8:30 PM GMT tonight, (there’s a TV show I watch on tonight) also a little bit beforehand say from around 4:00 PM. (whenever you see me start playing star wars that’s my afternoon game at the moment.) if we’re playing gremlins though, whoo that game takes ages so I’d start playing early for that, it’s also been my favourite so far though, and can have a decent amount of players in it.


So either you are a pretty good actress or @delenn13 has to join us for the next round to experience your true nature :wink:


Banned for not recognising sarcasm…Oops…Wrong thread!:roll_eyes:


this is why we should use the universally acknowledged sarcasm sign (!)


I thought that was Winky?


I like how uncertain you and @delenn13 are about me :joy:

Guess I’ll have to keep that uncertainty up for fun’s sake :woman_shrugging:

Of curse it is (;

BTW I’d really like to play with @Enki and @Agetime so we get an “OK” ping for once. Lemme know of you guys wanna play sometime. :blush:


I see them use that symbol —> (!) on closed captions for television programmes whenever someone is sarcastic, so I always assumed it was that.


if you’re in the “board game chat” we have on steam it’s easier to “poke” you to see if you’d be up for it, if you miss it “here”/on chrono

can confirm: the devil is a lady, -and her minions are chupacabrascapybaras :+1: :wink:

but had a wonderful time all the same with all the chronies :hugs:
-thx for letting me know just how much RNGesus hates me sometimes :rofl:
hopefully see some of you tomorrow for maybe some Ticket to Ride fun :blush:


Banned for mixing posts.