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Board game night


I would simply love :blue_heart::star_struck:

It’s been some time I’ve been wanting to play with the chronies, but… unfortunately my notebook is more for a one dollar calculator :sweat_smile: :broken_heart: and this makes it very difficult for me to play anything :confused:


Play what when where, I’m shy


@Enki @Agetime do you guys have 100% Orange Juice, Gremlins or Ticket to Ride? They should run well on Agetime’s PC.

Maybe sometime today or tomorrow Enki? Or next weekend. And don’t be shy, I don’t bite. often


all the games we’ve been playing would run on an industrial printing press :+1:


I don’t have any :rofl:


RIP my heart :broken_heart:


well… I do not have any of them either :sweat_smile:

I took a look and the requirements are really pretty low and I saw that 100% Orange juice also has a Demo version :thinking:

@coralinecastell I can at least try the Demo version, and see if it works here…and if my PC manages to stay connected with the game open, in the next bundle that appears I can buy it :smile:


alright, just checking if any might be up for Ticket to Ride, (Or 100% OJ) in a bit?


I’ll will be in abotu 30 minutes or so.


Enjoy, guys! :blush:

I’m still not home, just left the elderly people’s home and still need to prepare one presentation and one aviation interview, so I’ll pass today :hugs: :yellow_heart:


I just tested 100% and Gremlins on my crappy laptop, 100% runs 100%, Gremlins takes a bit to load and it lags the tiniest bit but is totally playable, haven’t tested them online but I guess they’ll be fine, and if I can play them on this thing, so can you, so now is just a matter of getting them.

I just register

Are you a pilot or something like that?


If any of you guys in the time zones of the americas fancies anything a little later tonight let me know as I’ll be up all night anyway.


I’ve been working with an international business aviation magazine for 5 years now.

I usually only work as a translator and interpreter, but a new opportunity has appeared and I intend to chase it.

Tomorrow we’re visiting a big and cool plane workshop.

Thanks for the interest, and I wish I knew how to fly planes! :small_airplane:

(I’ll stop derailing this thread now, promise)

EDIT: wait… actually… I dunno if it’s cool to share locations here so I’m removing it.


So cool :open_mouth:, best of lucks with that.

Also, now we know you can’t fly planes or drive trains.


phew, that’s a relief, was a scary thought for a moment;
-airdropping capybaras! :crazy_face: :smiling_imp: :warning:



hey we still haven’t played Armello yet >.>


Ah well, too bad, since we can’t ever play any more games together now. We’ve had 2 weeks of good fun gaming getting to try out some new and interesting stuff so that’ll be it.

It was fun while it lasted.


that sounds too spooky for me. :ghost:


@kylehayman361 Banned for commenting on the wrong thread.


Downloading Gremlins now, let’s see how this actually goes…

update: It worked!.. kinda. It crashed the first time but that’s because I have to use an SD for storage space so that’s not great. On the plus side I did the first two tutorial sessions just fine, but it froze on finishing the second one. So I’m happy to play with you guys but there is the possibility I could be cut out.