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Board game night


I got cut out when we played but managed to reconnect. Everyone was pretty chill about it (except me, I panicked). So I wouldn’t worry.


If there’s a possibility of reconnecting then that’s great. I’d love to play with you guys sometime.




yea seems that’s the beauty of bunch of these games
i hit the "Enter"key and somehow that tossed me out of Ticket to Ride, but could rejoin with np
Kyle vanished momentarily from 100%OJ and that too allows to rejoin it seems
so the games seem fairly “situational forgiving” :smiley: :+1:


We have now had a couple of gatherings with a few of the people who’ve expressed an interest here and we’ve managed to play a handful of different titles thus far. I would like to check with you all and see what you all would like to have a shot at next.

When you have the chance to join for a session next which game would you prefer to play?

  • Ticket to Ride
  • Gremlins Inc.
  • Armello
  • Mysterium
  • 100% Orange juice

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I included games we’ve played and a couple that we have not but that I’m aware at least some of you own. If there are any games that you feel I’ve missed to add that you would like to play then please do add your a suggest in a reply below, thanks.


I’m voting for Gremlins as that’s the only one I own, but I LOVE Mysterium, so that’d be my next choice.


Just to let anybody know: depending on the settings, a round of Gremlins can last anywhere from half an hour to actual eternity. The game might bend space-time itself but we managed to escape thanks to our combined efforts to beat the malicious nature of the game (hell, even the devil herself(a.k.a. @coralinecastell) was forced to play nicely!) and our lord and saviour @Fraggles, who totally deserved the win.

TLDR: fun game but you should have enough time to spare.


This vote system is flawed, it only let’s you put one vote, what if someone has all of those games and is comfortable with all of them?

@Vindace, here's what I got to offer

you want it?


That’s super nice of you, and if it’d run on my potato then absolutely! But I wouldn’t feel right taking it unless we do play.


I just haven’t been able to join the game times… my schedule’s been too tight lately… hopefully one of these days I am going to join this growing crowd… I will send you a PM in a minute…


Oh if you still have that key, then I volunteer as tribute! :hugs:

Also Town of Salem is NOT free to play anymore for new players. The game was plagued by obnoxious bots, so they made it pay to play for new players. It’s still easily worth the 5 bucks imo.

Gremlins is also on my watchlist still. I am hoping to win it on steamgifts since I am tight on cash atm.


Then you either have to make a hard choice of which one you want to play the most or just not vote and simply go with what everyone else decides. I wanted to know which game has thus far seemed the most appealing to each one of you.


Funny how I wanted to play and I don’t even keep up with the posts… heheh :sweat_smile: Makes me feel pretty bad since I was gifted 100% orange juice. I take full responsibility for my actions or lack there of.


Gremlins is a close second for me, loved that game it was some good stuff :smiley:


i have the games voted for so i could be “in” for all, giving i have the time, even if i’d be a couple of “points” more enthusiastic about Ticket to Ride atm, because i thought that was really good, so that was my vote, -not that i wouldn’t play the others :+1:




for clarity: soon, today with me and @Vandem


I would indeed, I could probably join in about an hour, maybe hour and a half.

For the foreseeable future I will not be available much for EU evenings.


Ugh I’d love too but I’ll be in classes for the next 4 hours :confused: Next time though!


Forgot to let anyone know but: once again had heaps of fun with @Vandem and @Fraggles on Gremlins!

Only thing missing was MOAR CHRONIES.

Thanks guys for the laughs and hope we make this a regular things among the community. :hugs: