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Board game night


@Evranu asked if we might want to play something tomorrow (Friday) evening, I don’t think she spends much time around here anymore but she’s one of the few who joined me to play last time I tried this.

She used to be a great fan of Armello, but the game has changed a fair bit since we used to play. I don’t know exactly what we’ll be playing but the two of us will probably be available from about 22:00 CET, at the earliest.


Sorry I missed it, I was busy :frowning_face:


You not only missed the game but also our unified appraisal* of your artistic talents. So be sure to let the world burn next time and just join us :wink:

* Being absent in voice chat may or may not result in being trashed by the others. We do not take responsibility for any (psychological) damage caused.


one day ill go on google, check what my timezone is and try to sync up with yall, it seems like late evening games start at 3-4 pm for me (utc -5 if my pc’s setup at the correct timezone)

8:30 p.m. Friday, in Greenwich Mean Time is
3:30 p.m. Friday, in Little Italy, Montreal, QC

so i think i wont be able to join ya during the week but i can manage to join yall during the weekend i guess


Any game I own, pl0x.


More Gremlins fun today with @Evranu, @Fraggles, @Vandem, @bellegueule and @snake153! :rainbow:

Thanks everyone for joining and keeping up with my nonsense! You guys are super fun. :blush:

Totally dig this community. :hugs:


Can’t agree more :slight_smile:

I also realised that I own The Witcher board/adventure game which is currently on sale on GOG. So if anyone is interested, we could add it to the games list :slight_smile:

I’ve only played it once, so I’m not sure how good/fun it is though.


I haven’t actually heard much good about it, but I mostly paid attention to it around launch so it might very well have had some fixes and changes. It’s also a rather recurring thing with board games that you tend to enjoy them more the more you play them.

As much as I love the witcher and it’s setting I don’t think trying to get everyone to procure this title is worthwhile. Unless somehow a bunch of you already own it, then I might consider throwing 2.50 at it.


Or if you know… It happened to go on sale at a fantastic price on a website that people liked and respected… Or something.


Still here Fraggles! Can’t wait for next board game night! :smile:


I may be addicted to Gremlins, Inc… :grimacing:

Someone please send help! My graduation can’t afford this much time spent on gambling, cheating and jailing my way to the top. :scream:


It seems I need to get gremlins huh?


I don’t think your graduation can afford for you NOT to have such vital business skills… Your savvy will be the talk of the graduation committee.


Me, to my peers, graduating, c.2020:


applause ensues


How appropriate! You fight like a cow!

I’m so happy that a few of you really took to Gremlins inc enough to play it on your own, even though I’ve had to sit out for the last week or so. Unfortunately as times got later and later for me fewer and fewer EU folks managed to join us so now I’m want try out a morning gathering this upcoming weekend.

Saturday and/or Sunday morning works for me, I’ll be up very early and comfortably available to about 13-14:00 so I’d like to hear who’s interested and how early you’d like to start. Then we can gang up on the latest riser and peer pressure them into waking up earlier!

I’m of course up for playing almost anything mentioned in the original post but I’d really like to see if I can’t get more of you introduced to Ticket to Ride. Some more Gremlins or Orange juice would of course be great too.

Hope to see you all there!


I know it has nothing to do with that reference, but this was the first thing that popped in my head when I read that.
Thanks to Humon Comics for the inspiration, excuse the poor background, I ran out of juice by that point.



I’ll treasure this until the day I die man, thank you so much. I needed this today. :butterfly:


hey everyone I’m available 8 Am to 11 Am (Greenwich Mean Time ! ) most days, all depending if I wake up but 90% of the time I do, then after that I play games 3 Pm to about 5 Pm varying because thats teatime. :3
then after that is the classic 8pm to whenever I slep. now you all have my schedule there’s no excuse >.> YOU MUST PLAY GAMES WITH ME.


Pardon the Ignorance but what timezone is that? :butterfly:


no ignorance, MY ignorance if anything :open_mouth: I should have put that my mistake >.< its there now :3