Board game night

I’ve tried this before to limited success, though trying to set up something recurring is what fails for me more often than not.

So this is a one shot invitation. Tomorrow (Saturday) EU evening-night I’d like to play Ticket to Ride, Gremlins Inc, Carcassonne, Mysterium, Armello, 100% Orange Juice or as a last choice Talisman. Alternatively if anyone has any suggestions for something good, fun and free in Tabletop Sim I’d be willing to try it.

Open invitation to anyone who has the games and want to play, open mic on a steam group chat encouraged but not required. Feel free to spread this invitation to others you know outside of chrono if you think they’re decent people who’d enjoy my company.

I need at least 3 people for most of these games, some of them support larger groups, but we’ll see what interest we can garner here.

So let me know if you’re up for it.


Saturday night is “Date Night” for the old and Married…

But I have a key for Mysterium…If anyone wants…If I have multiple people wanting it, Discobot will decide who gets it.


I also have a key, but for Ticket to Ride. Up for grabs.

@Fraggles I’m admin on a discord server with some people who mifght be interested. I can drop a line there if you like?


i’m pretty sure i own ticket to ride, gremlins and armello, (tho 0 dlc’s i think), i’m thinking of trying something different/new -and actually rsvp’ing to this invite :thinking: :fearful: :grimacing: (early sign of the apocalypse approaching?) :smile:
-what time “ish” did you have in mind tomorrow Fraggles?

(can add Colt Express and Harald to my list of available games too)


Great lets make it a double date! I just need to find someone to be my +1 then. What better way to spend time with your SO than to play games with people online?

Sure, that’d be great. However needs to come with the understanding that I will not be using Discord for anything. So if discord is their only means of communication that wont work.

Well I’ve left it vague on purpose as I have the whole evening and night open I’d hope to be able to find a few hours that fits everyone. No earlier than 1800 CEST (The chrono deal change hour). Sunday is probably fine too if it fits better for more people.


Done. Linked it back to here if they have questions etc.

Good luck!


yea i can work that around, i just wont be able to do some “all night” marathon, so if people plan/wish to take it past midnight i can’t stay at the table with the night owls and need to be replaced/bow out by then :+1:


This sounds lovely and I might be able to participate if I can grab new mic tomorrow, because my headset broke :smiley:. The laptop build in mic is a no go … trust me … even you might thank me in advance that I’m not willing to use it :rofl:

I can replace you Gnuffi, because I can probably tune in after 22 : 00 CEST, but I know only Mysterium and haven’t learned yet Ticket to Ride unfortunately :smiley:


Yeah no I had no intention for an all night sort of event, just a two or three games probably depending on how long they take. I tend to burn out in about 2-3h from social interaction myself so unlikely to last much longer than that.

No prior experience necessary, this is meant to be all laid back and friendly. I’ll be happy to teach and figure out the ones I’ve not tried yet together.


i mean, i have 0 clue of how to play any of these games, so i’m fully prepared to be falling behind in any/all these games :smile:


I was actually looking for some people to play Gremlin Inc. with since I got it recently. Unfortunately I’m on vacation now so I won’t be able to join the fun. I’ll revive this thread once I’m back home though (in case it died or got hijacked by @coralinecastell )
Hope this will be the start of a recurring event :smiley:


I have you know…She’s an angel…:innocent:


Consider me tentatively interested. I may be grading papers or something else, but if you see me online and need another body for the table grab me!


I’m down for a board game night. Sounds fun. :grin: I don’t think I have any though.


A couple of people have graciously offered to supply a few games, check in with them and sort something out and you’ll be welcome to join.


If anyone has any spare keys, PM me. I would love to join you guys. Or just let discobot decide who get’s them. Would prefer the latter due to making it more fair. I have no idea on how I would throw my hat in the ring for those keys though because I am interested and unfortunately not able to acquire said games currently.

This is true due to various reasons unfortunately, especially online when basically EVERYONE has to have the game at least as far as I know. But, at least your willing to try it again. If there is another way to at least chat with others while you guys play, I can at least do that. No mic though. Not sure if I really want my voice heard just yet :blush:


I’m down to play Gremlins Inc or 100% Orange Juice.

I have Armello and Ticket to Ride, but I’ve never played them :roll_eyes:



I also own Gremlins.


count me in for future games.


I want this, message me whenever anything is going down I am busy sometimes but not that often.

I own armello, 100% orange, Glemlins (but never played it, it was in last months humble monthly)

a match of armello takes a good hour and half so I could probably only fit 1 in…

hue hue hue.