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Board game night


I approve of this thread.

I was out playing boardgames last night and otherwise engaged tonight, but good plan @Fraggles. Hope you have a good time


I’m probably playing a bit of OJ later tonight anyway, it’s the halloween event and all. Just pm me if you guys are playing.


alrighty, i’m installing Gremlins, Ticket to Ride, and Armello, (so i can take part in those), and be signing in on steam, -just let me know when/what happens :+1: i’ll keep an eye on this thread too


Well only a few people have mentioned any sort of time preference or even hint on when they’d be available so we’ll see what happens. By the looks of it most people seem to have and want to play Gremlins inc. so might start with that, but we can play Gremlins with up to 6 players while Ticket to Ride takes only 4, so we’ll see what count we get when and adapt accordingly.

I’ve sent a friends invite to a few of the people responding in this thread already, so go ahead and accept those if you please. If I’ve missed you then feel free to find me and add me.

Anyway, as I said at the earliest 1800 CEST for me, so in about an hour. If I don’t see enough people around at that time I’ll just wait I guess.

The game is still in the future for now, but any game that ever happens will unfortunately be in the present. I hope you’ll be able to overcome this temporal disassociation and join us eventually.


i cant thinker with my space and time flux conductor to join yall, only issue is if i got back into your present i only have amarelo and Tabletop Simulator from the games you named :frowning: so hit me up if one of those game is played

here’s a list of game that i own with the tag board game

big picture here


What about Town of Salem? Just a suggestion as it can host more than 4 players if necessary.


I’d be up for playing it at some point. It’s a social deduction game though so best played with people you actually know pretty well right?

Main problem I have is that I do not own it and currently I do not even have 4 players. : )


You can play Town of Salem in your browser for free. It even has crossplay with steam too I think.


Ah, that‘s too bad. I would‘ve joined but I already planned out my evening when I saw the thread. I hope more people will join!


I’m too busy today suffering from great pain in my wisdom teeth, wich happens to be poetic justice since I have no wisdom at all.

And I have no games on that list.

But I’m up for it for this sort of thing in the future! I have no idea tabletop.Sim was a web in the first place so I will look into it. I always liked board games wich require some wits, from pictionary-like games to more strategic/pokerish games like Magic the gathering and so on.


Are you gonna stream it? for people who don’t want to play and just want to watch your amazingly awful performance.


my broadcast is already open for friends on steam :wink:

anyone can watch my things anytime :wink:

I just don’t have a mic so im not streaming properly… yet… :open_mouth:

steam has a neat little broadcast message system where watchers can chat and it pops up on my screen, Its nice.


We had some good fun playing 100% Orange juice and we’re now past reasonable bed time for our European friends. Thanks to everyone who showed up, even if we didn’t end up managing to play anything together this time.

I’m going to take a break for lunch and a bit and if there’s anyone left awake and wanting to play Gremlins or Ticket to ride, let me know.


Don’t really have any of those games on steam, but this is something I think I’d like to join in with in the future. Are you using the board games directly through their digital versions on Steam (is there such a thing?) or downloading them through the Steam workshop for TTS?


As you could have seen by the links I put into the original post the games are their own standalone games, they’ve been bundled pretty cheaply a good handful of times over the years. Most recently about two weeks ago here on

Tabletop sim does have a lot of good stuff on it both for purchase and for free so I’m certainly keeping that around as an option. But it’s far less hassle to play one of the stand alone games I have.


can totally recommend people try this game night stuff out with chronies :hugs:
had a really fun evening with @Fraggles, @Truly, @kylehayman361 and @snake153
(who knew orange juice entailed very little actual juicing, and so much star dropping and candy stealing) :wink:
looking forward to trying more/diff games another time too :+1:,

seems like it could be very worthwhile to keep an eye out for when those games might get bundled or discounted if you don’t already have some :blush:


PS, Ticket to Ride is really fun too, definitely recommended :+1:, another evening well spent :blush:


I keep telling people this. I think the game is a lot of fun and it gets better the more you understand it. I hope to get you all together again for this another time.

I have all the DLC to the game and I believe only the host needs to own them, so I think we can play on all the other maps once we all understand the basics.

Again thanks to everyone who joined me this evening.


Sorry for being MIA last night, somehow drinking all saturday resulted in the lack of a sunday.


Makes sense. I just knew a lot of those games also have versions through TableTop Sim so I just wasn’t sure what was being used. I have friends who will basically use it exclusively.

My backup computer is dead again to I’m relegated to a little 25gig notebook, so unfortunately I’m out for a while as far as games go.