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Steam Halloween Sale


Well we’ve got another steam sale on our hands.
Plenty of spooOOooky games to buy, but who cares about those when you can buy board games!

You can also pick up both of these games in a bundle for pretty cheap.

What other interesting deals have you spotted? do let us know.


-aint that typical :unamused:
yea but on the other hand, wouldn’t have been able to play saturday if i had held out for until today :smile:
still worth it imo, unlike all the other games i’ve gotten for 90%/1$ at least i actually played this already :+1: :joy:

atm i’m thinking of maybe

it’s the first time in ages it’s even seeing “that high” discount :thinking:

this is my overall ITAD notification

but there is nothing really “pressing” there atm, -tho The Turing Test had me click on it with it’s “new high” 80% off discount (for us buffoons that skipped the May Monthly :man_facepalming:)

maybe D4: Dark Dreams Dont Die even tho nothing new or glorious about the discount but 'tis the season for weirdness, :thinking:
-but probably not gonna grab much -if anything at all (also still waiting for Darksiders 3 :yum:)

but yea, people should totally grab some board games so we can play more/another time! :smiley: :+1:


Well I for one would be happy to help you feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth out of the title.

Board game night

Any of those titles playable through Parsec?


I don’t think you can play them through any measurement of distance.




Hmm… I may actually buy the gremlins one :thinking:
Turns out I can’t play that, so there it goes.


Got Gremlins in the last Humble Bundle, If memory serves me correct. That’s a good price for all of those.

If you don’t have 100% Orange or Gremlins that bundle is a really great deal.


I’m still searching everything, so far I put a few games in my cart to consider

Any recommendations or warnings against one of those, feel free!


so many game on sell, yet i dont really have a choice…


thanks for saying that, i went back into my humble keys to see if i got that said bundle only to notice that i’ve put it for trade without looking


Took a quick look at my wishlist and none of the prices really turn me on. Some of them are a slap in the face considering they’ve been bundled recently or are currently available in bundles. I pity the ignorant that don’t know about the existence of Humble Bundle and its brethren. Sometimes ignorance is not bliss.


Not a lot of stuff on sale and what is has been given away or has been going on massive sale all year on other sites. Most of what is interesting I already own too, or own on GOG. I do want to try Realms of Magic but I don’t want it to be a game where the devs occasionally update and then abandon it. Looks great though. Well maybe Winter Sale I’ll feel more inclined to trust 'em. :sweat_smile:


I bought Antvector and the DLC, plus some dlc for Monstrum and Glass Masquerade. Just odds and end stuff.


I’m on mobile, but:

Dreaming Sarah: yes.

Why? Memorable, nice graphics, good gameplay, Brazilian, very short = worth it at this price.

Apotheon: maybe.

Why? Has been bundled many times, fantastic voice acting, good graphics, good level design, short = may want to wait for a better discount/bundle.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter: yes!

Why? Strong story, great voice acting, beautiful graphics, you get both redux and the original, interesting achievements, thought-provoking, can be confusing, one level is badly designed = more than worth it for the price.



I heard very good things about the vanishing of Ethan Carter, no idea myself though. I don’t like Apotheon and 140 is a cute little game, I think is well worth it the discounted price.


Thanks for replying! I figured it all out and instantly bought The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, I’ll post my cart just in case you were interested in what I did or did not buy :slight_smile:


I’m more interested in the Humble one.

Metal Gear Survive, $8. Go for it, fellas.