Ask the staff about things

Gotta keep the fingers healthy :laughing:

Oh, I didn’t realise it was so easy :laughing: Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have a question regarding the forum if you don’t mind. Have you built this up from scratch or used a framework? It looks really clean and nice, I like how intuitive it is.

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Great question! I’d love to say that we built this from scratch, but it’s actually an open source project called Discourse. Check it out!


I had a random question for you guys. What exactly is the origin of More specifically why did you choose that name & website? Why not or any other domain (I’ve never heard of .gg domains). Also, I assume Chrono has to do with time since your webpage says one deal every 24 hours? Just curiosity since I see a lot of your deals posted regularly.


You’re right on the nail with Chrono coming about from the concept of time and 24 hour sales. Three of us sat in room for half a day and tried to think up names that sounded cool, worked with some sort of theme, and had branding potential. Chrono popped out of that. The .gg TLD comes from .com not being (easily) available, and it’s gaming potential (good game).


Very interesting, thanks for the insight! You guys are awesome :smiley:

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hi Ionin. nice origin story, esp the gg = good game. :grin: so quick question for you, are we also able to promote game picks on our platform as well? the platform launches next month but we’re a new co based in san francisco that’s creating a search platform for everything entertainment… e.g. games, restaurants, sports, books, vacations, cars, etc. just LMK. maybe there’s a scenario where we can partner up. thanks! tim

Hey Tim, throw us an email at with some details one what ya’ll are doing and we can chat! :slight_smile:

great, will do. thanks!

I’ve been wondering this for quite a while. Why don’t you guys use ads? Especially now that you give away free games.

I mean the site is basically one big ad that changes every day.

I don’t really have any questions so: Gimme Free? :smirk:

One of the core things we decided when we started was to not have ads. Not only would they distract from the daily deal, but everyone hates them (and something like 60+% of users block them anyway), they suck to manage properly, and most of us came from a company where we dealt with ads constantly and didn’t enjoy it.


Thanks for the response. Since my steam library is already huge, I end up not buying too many games any more so I thought, “Hey, I like these guys, I’m gonna turn off Adblock. I come here every day, they could use the extra few cents”, only to be surprised that the site looked exactly the same without Adblock.

I very much respect the decision to not annoy customers (and that the decision was partly influenced by laziness), I’m just surprised that a business that relies so much on continuous visits from customers would not use ads.

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Was the 250 coins game a typo ? because it went too fast or probably first buyers bought multiple copies. Why not limit one copy per user between ?

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Not a typo, and shop games are limited to 1 per account.


Ah, ok.
When i bought a game, i could still press “buy it” (though it may not accept to end transaction)

Do you have an agreement with ITAD ? because you use bundle status for single game offers…
(Also it prevents good tracking of historical lowest price on given games, too)

Ya, we work with ITAD to post the deals. Unfortunately, the way the ITAD system is setup, that’s the best way for us to submit them.

Ok, thanks for answer, that makes sense.