Ask the staff about things

Hey, we’re new. You’ve probably got questions. We’ll find answers (or pretend).

Ask us stuff. Some examples:

  1. What were you doing before Chrono?

  2. Why was BC the best WoW expansion?

  3. Gimme free

  4. Is ever going to do X? What about Y? Will you put Z on sale? Or will a deal come back ever?

If you don’t want your message public feel free to email me,


Are the keys valid for all the world? Since is in dollars it looks like maybe doesn’t work for Europe, just want to make sure before I get Broforce for a friend and kill some bad guys!

They should be global!

If you have any issues don’t hesitate to reach out (

Hey guys congrats on launching! (assuming you launched today Monday the 7th) BroForce is pretty damn rad if I didn’t already have it I’d jump on the five buck price tag. So this here is a place for questions right? Neat. I’ve got some.

  1. You folks going to have codes and the likes for PSN redemption or strictly Steam?

  2. BC was pretty much the hotness but I liked WotLK a lot.

  3. That last one wasn’t a question.

  4. This one is though; far as affiliate/partnership is that restricted to folks partnered on Twitch or with ungodly subscriber counts for YouTube?

Hey! Thanks!

  1. Eventually we’d love to! Will be just steam keys for a bit though.
  2. Fair
  3. :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. We’re still working out the partnership program, but at the moment it’s invite only. If you (or someone you know) is a good fit send me a message!
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Congrats on the launch!

Truth be told I had no idea about something like this in the works and I’m glad it’s finally here!

This is a great idea and being part of this community is awesome!

I hope someday I can be proudly affliated with the Chrono crew <3

You’ve got my support!


Hey! Great work with your launch I’m already telling my friends and followers about it!

  1. How’s it feel to start a company that’s bound to be a competitor to other leaders like GMG, or GOG let alone steam?

  2. What are your thoughts on the current WoW endgame?

  3. Gimme Free?

  4. Thoughts on the Monster Hunter Generations announcement?

  1. It feels… interesting. We don’t see ourselves strictly as a competitor to those because we have just one deal a day instead of the hundreds that they have, and all of our deals are highly curated. Additionally we really want to focus on the community and promotional side of things instead of just tons of sales. That’s not a great answer though… I’ll have to come back to this.

  2. Argh, I played about 3 months of WoD before quitting. I’m a PvP guy through and through (8x glad 2x r1) so I can’t comment much on the PvE stuff. :no_mouth:

  3. There’s a secret somewhere on the site… good luck :slight_smile:

  4. I haven’t gotten too into Monster Hunter yet, mostly because I’m worried about just how much I’ll play a game like that… maybe now’s the time. You may have just doomed forever Galestrom. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t worry, this is all a part of my 5 step plan for takeover.

  1. Get you hooked on Monster Hunter.

  2. Play Monster Hunter.

  3. ???

  4. Profit

  5. Spend profits on buying out donut shops and be the coolest boss ever.

Congrats on launching from the Rocket City!

  1. What aspects will make a Gamer with limited funds choose over similar competitors?

2a. What difficulty level do you start a games you are unfamiliar with?
2b. Hardcore or Softcore?

3 DLC Quest is the only game I’ve ever bought without a second thought due to a trailer. What are your thoughts?

4 What is the corporate culture of Chrono when you stick 3 Curse and 1 Synapse guy together?


Cats and sneezing!

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No questions, but this site is super awesome, can’t wait to religiously check it every day =D


This may not be something you are free to answer (from the perspective of business confidentiality), but I am curious: prior to launching something like a daily deal-style site, how many offers did you have to line up?

You know, did you work with devs to have 10 deals ready to go? Thirty? One hundred? I can imagine more deals secures the future better, but is harder to negotiate until actually went live and you can start showing sales figures (y’know, pitching to publishers about, ‘Look how many copies of Broforce we moved! We can do the same for your title!’).

I can just imagine how odd the public would find it they loaded a website like Groupon one day and it just said, “Sorry! We don’t have any offers right now – we’ve ran out.” So that must be a situation this site had to plan to avoid. I’d love a peek at the planning entailed in having a nice selection of offers at launch. That kind of stuff intrigues me.

Hey Prolix, I’d love to go more in depth but it’s super late and I’ve been up for a long time. But ya a TON of planning went into it. There were many great relationships we had built with developers prior to launching, and many more we made as we were building the site. We have about 2 weeks of titles lined up, and are getting more every day. Always helps if community members spread the word : )


Big congratulations on your launch, you have an awesome concept and I for one want to support it!


Firstly I want to mention that MoP is one of the most underrated expansions. Secondly, little question but where does .gg stand for?

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just wanted to ask (related to the first question) if I were to buy a key from the Uk, would it use the basic exchange rate at the time? Really want to buy virmintide, like baddddd haha
Also - super impressed by how hands on you are w/ the community. Thanks :slight_smile:

Will we ever be able to use PayPal to pay for games?

Just wanted to ask where in the dev cycle do you draw the line for displaying a deal for a given game?

Will we only even be seeing released games (preferable) or is it likely you’ll be having deals on pre-orders / betas / early access games?

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