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You're Banned!


Banned for having me decipher what you just said.


Banned for making me feel the need to decipher it,.


Banned for deciphering


838192349192394912394 You’re banned because you did not read that number.:sunglasses:


banned because…what would be the point to read that number…


Banned for questioning too much


Banned for linking to a comedic effort of mediocre quality!


Banned for giving ‘The Dictator’ as much as mediocre.


banned for including themselves even though they did nothing butread and for not knowing how the internet works


banned for banning someone not directly above you

xist said it was easy


No! He said, 'Simple." So you are banned!


Banned for not doing the simple thing… and then immediately editing your post so it looks like you did (ye, I saw that flash edit)


Banned for making me “On Snap” out loud at work (that’s how it works right? i need to stop doing things before reading the instruction)


Banned for saying “On snap” rather than “Oh snap”, who says on snap? what does that even mean?


Banned for verbatim quotes.


My my my… seems there has been some activity here in my absence.

Banned for thinking I won’t remain the final post in this thread.

Banhammer Lament

‘Final Post’. I held that title for 15 days, and though it gave my blackened heart joy to see peace and tranquility across the threads, something remained. A deep heavy weight at my side, the tool causing so much destruction still needed purpose… Now the title I once held has been rent asunder, my fellow chrononites banned to the hills, some fought back, others were silenced for a time. Why they didn’t ban me, I will never know, but I will make sure that for every noble soul I saw banned that day is avenged. BANHAMMER.


Banned for a reference to the inferior Dawn of War experience. Dark Crusade ftw


You banned because you subscribe to T-Series!

i guess


ban for guessing


Banned for quoting!