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You're Banned!


banned from bing in brazil and and for scaring me with a butterfly in your profile picture


Banned for having a seed (and not being maraschino).


Banned for making me think of Starwars characters raising bees.


Your banned for making me think way to long for a reason to ban you.


I am self banning for being so confused…
AND YOUR BANNED FOR MAKING ME THIS WAY!!! @Nateninja21 is included in this ban, for not thinking of a way to ban @Vindace and also explain what was going on…


You’re banned for your shenanigans!


You’re banned for not banning @hivefleetbothan for spelling YOU’RE incorrectly…however I guess that could be considered shenanigans…but still…banned!!


You’re all banned for not recognizing “hive” and “bothan” together in the same name might imply a bothan running a farm of bees.


The hell is a bothan? Banned for making me question your username and my sanity. :butterfly:


Banned so you can go play all the nice games you have.


Banned for a lack of Star Wars extended universe knowledge.


Banned for not banning the correct person.


Banned for being nice and supporting me. Obri. :yellow_heart:

@CptMold all I know abour Star Wars is that apparently two closely-blood-related people have some kind of sexual relationship, there’s a walking chupacabra or perhaps it’s a tropical yeti and robots seem smarter than humans. Also no one can’t aim worth shit and, on the same topic, there’s an ongoing argument about who shot first because, apparently, that’s highly important.

Oh yeah also someone’s dad is mean which is a real-life portrayal of unwilling parenthood. Bottom line: wear condoms, people. :blush:


banned for spoiling the starwars movies


Many bothans died to bring you all this ban.



Banned for negligent use of Bothan spies leading to unnecessary casualties.


For making me confused, because I’ve never seen a single movie or episode of star wars


Banned because you wrote “Your” instead of “you’re”.

You’reYour :stuck_out_tongue: ruining the younger generation’s grammar and that should be punished by exiling you from this thread!!!


banned for correcting nateninja21 grammar


Banned for being quick to partake in the floccinaucinihilipilification of English grammar.