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You're Banned!


You’re banned for being really angry but still not being angry enough to mention the game in question, or why you were banned.


You’re banned because my insecurities leads me to abuse power to make myself feel important.


Well you’re banned for not banning me for breaking the rules of the topic, which I established myself, when I banned the person several posts before rather than immediately above.


You’re banned for not posting a Spongebob meme



/ban #chronoforums Twistedgerm!*@ *.gg just another 4chan memlord troll

(well look at that asterisks don’t show up because why would anyone ever want to use two of those in a text? @ was not meant to be in italics)




Elon Musk is banned for calling heroes pedos

(I like Musk btw, a lot, don’t get me wrong, but maybe he should refrain from tweeting sometimes, lol)


Just wanted to let out some Steam then mate. I’m fine now a bit.




You’re banned because I was bored and wanted to keep this thread active


Banned for spam with the intent to thread necro.


Banned or bust.




It’s coarse

It’s rough

And it goes on forever!

These are Anakin’s opinions, not mine.


everyone is unbanned


Banned for releasing the criminals


Banned for libel.


You banned because you posted that card saying Obeject instead of Object.


You are banned for necroing a 2-month dead thread.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


@rzeznik Banned for not being gay.