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You're Banned!


You are banned for misjudging people who clearly got both hands occupied and can’t put on his clothes.


You’re banned for infringing upon the right to judge others.


You’re banned for using WinAuth as a mobile authenticator. Circumventing the point of two factor is a crime.


You’re banned for using a word I have to now look up to see its meaning.



PS: you are also being banned for not putting the meaning of the word you sought! (mainly because I think it’s the same word that I had to look for the meaning :joy:)






You’re Banned: For mispronouncing the video-montage posted above.

Secondary Ban: Thoughtcrimes.

Addendum Ban: Believing Australia is a real place.


Instructions not clear, aimed banhammer backwards.

I’m banned.






You are banned for using all caps, yelling and spelling a 2 letter word incorrectly, this is not acceptable.


I believe you have mistaken this situation. Clearly, I typed a 19 word exclamation, a legally distinct entity from the simple statement ‘no’.

Next you are going to tell me that the sound cows make is a three letter word… Ridiculous.

Your banned for being blinded by grammatical one-upmanship.

I do however have no defense against the yelling and all caps, I will use my inside voice from this point on.


You’re banned for writing something much longer than I feel like reading.


I know that this particular thread is a “Forum Game” so I apologize in advance for hijacking it.

I just wanted to vent out my anger and disgust with 2K/Firaxis’s obnoxious community/forums moderators who unjustly banned me from being able to comment on the Steam Workshop page of one of their games. Getting banned from the forums is fine by me, but being banned from the workship isn’t. So how can I now inform mod authors that their mod is properly working or not if I can’t post comments on their item/s. Also those jerks are just after my ass because I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to suck up to any game developer when their product is flawed and they need to know about it.

Again I apologize for hijacking the thread.


You are banned for writing a post without banning the previous person who banned for writing a long post and then proceed to write a longer post. Obviously you are to be banned for thread hijacking and trying to avoid ban by apologizing in advance. I’m afraid you are going away for a very long time my friend





You should be banned about bringing drama from another forum here :rofl:


You’re banned Mr. Fedora!