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You're Banned!


you’re ban for thinking about revenge instead of learning from your mistake <3


god dammit!


This guy is so smart,im givin’ up


You’re banned for guessing that I know what T Series even is, let alone being a subscriber.

Alternative reason: giving up based on adversity, creating a bad example for others.


ban for not being able to pick one great reason and had to settle with two good one


Banned for reminding me of a previous ban.


You are banned because banning is fun


Banned for a forbidden word.WishFixers064


Banned for making me remember fairly odd parents.


Banned for the heinous act of trying to repress memories about a legendary show.


Banned for making use of the overused word “legendary”, which has time and time again lost its meaning. :butterfly:


Banned for being underage. Can be no other reason for the use of cutesy, annoying emoticons.


Banned for banning someone on your very first post on these forums, like, what the heck kind of a first impression is that?

Also, welcome to Chrono, enjoy your stay here :hugs:


Banned for hypocrisy, under pretense of welcome yet banning someone at the same time; and for being a good artist…


Jealousy be banned!


Banned by being a man trapped in a nazi loli girl body


Banned for somehow thinking a sloth is any better. :woman_shrugging:


Banned for judging sloths :heart::sunflower:


Banned for displaying affection where it doesn‘t belong.


Banned fo implying sloths don’t deserve affection