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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


Yea, I downloaded EVERYTHING in the Trove…Time to Pause. Thanks, @Fraggles, for the reminder. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


As soon as that new external drive arrives… hee hee. I downloaded Bennett Foddy. If it runs, well, I don’t have anything in throwing distance. :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually LIKE Getting Over It. I’ve beat it a few times and usually find it enjoyable. I’m a little crazy though so go figure.

Thanks for the offer as well my tropical squirrel friend :smiley:


I got lots of stuff…we can talk…K?


Paused for the month as well. I already own Frostpunk and the bundle isn’t worth it for just Okami.


The two I really wanted were Okami and Pathfinder, and I can’t justify it for those two (currently anyways).


purrs :heart: I have a feeling I’ll like Bennet Foddy too. Watching the let’s play vids, the music is actually fun when it kicks in.

Kk. Hee hee. Always. :heart:

@Pylinaer, @Vindace This is one month I wouldn’t have minded 90% of the bundle, minus Pathfinder ironically enough. T_T So I got Okami and Book of Demons (finally!) in trade and Frostpunk with the DLC in trade/birthday gift to a friend.
Hm, a thought. If you guys want, we can split it 3 ways ($4 USD each). I’d take Project Warlock (to gift to a fluffy I know), the Hex, maybe Underhero and Warstone TD. Let’s chat? purr


@Vindace and I would have to play rock-paper-scissors over Okami. Add on the logistics of getting it paid for and… Eh.

A noble idea, I’m just not necessarily in favor of it.



Thoughts everyone? I really want Pedro. Planet Coaster is awesome but I already own it. Same with Battle Chasers. Not interested in F1 or Turok at all. Deaths Gambit looks interesting. Gotta look into the rest.


I can voice my opinion with one simple picture.


Well i have Niffelheim and Death’s Gambit on my WL but they are low down there so this is easily one of the weakest monthlies recently. For me .


I think it’s a decent bundle, but it’s not particularly exciting. For me, I’ve been interested in Fell Seal, EXAPUNKS, 198X and Etherborn for a while, so it’s probably worth me getting this month. But the rest of the bundle I’m not so excited about.


Bundle cost me £9.70. 97 pennies per game. Can’t grumble at that, even though there are a few I won’t spend much time on it’s still one hell of a bargain.


Dude… I don’t want the whole thing, just Fell Seal. That thing is Final Fantasy Tactics ++: Done right, cute animations, interesting characters, tons of classes and hidden ones… isometric goodness. Meow! For me, Fell Seal is the equivalent of Click Bait of the bundle so far. It is also one of those forever games - never the same playthrough twice and you can make decisions that change the story branching. I almost got it last birthday - hm… sigh. What do I have for trade to get it now, hm…


Sigh! I’ve added it to my Steam account. If I’d have known!.. :wink:


Dude don’t sigh - just play the heck out of it whenever you’re ready, lol. :heart:


There’s two games here I’ve been really wanting, Battle chasers and Death’s Gambit. Had I heard about Fell seal earlier it would also be with those two. Then there’s four ones I wouldn’t mind having, Nifleheim, Etherborn, My friend pedro and Exapunks.

Planet coaster I’m ambivalent about, on the one hand I do like a good management and builder game on the other it’s a game which I believe started out with a bit of a lack luster content depth “fixed” with too many expensive DLCs.

I think I will probably pick this month up, though pick 9 and 10 will be hard.


Ooo Exapunks, another Zachtronics game I can add to my list of uncompleted Zachtronics (aka all of them). Sadly, there isn’t anything else I really want.

Fell Seal is a great game if you’re looking for something like Final Fantasy Tactics, especially since there really aren’t too many other games of the same vein.


I mean if you dont have planet coaster get it but if you already do… I would skip.


Be advised that Planet Coaster and F1 feature Denuvo, in case that matters to you.

Frontier Developments appears unwilling to consider the removal from Planet Coaster, actively shutting down threads on it last I checked.

To curb potential arguments resulting from this post: if you don’t care if Denuvo is in those games, by all means get them. Some people don’t like the software, and that’s fine too. If you wish to have a discussion on this, please consider using your local inbox or search function rather than rehashing the discussion. Thanks.