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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


Looks alright, I’m definitely interested in Two Point Hospital, and I’ll have to look into some of the others. It’s 12 choices but I assume classic still gets 10 games.


Yup, 10 choices for classic.

It’s quite a fantastic bundle, this. Several games I have wanted to buy recently but held off, and I am glad that I did.

I think it works out just right, a bunch on my WL and then 2 that I already own… haha…


ahahah i just got mages of mystralia, yesterday, that will teach me to buy stuff :joy:
Bad North, yay, overall looks like there is enough that i’ll let this run through again this month
(wondered how long it would take them to make bundles where even classic plan didn’t get all kek :stuck_out_tongue:)

edit. that’s actually a lot of “racing”/coop games in one bundle this time.


I was confused for a second or two, before realising we get to choose from 12!

I just had to have her when I saw it :wink:


can’t remember how many games the other plans get, but classic plan we get 10, so now we don’t get the full bundle either(like we did in december), but have to settle for pick 'n choose with the rest of the rabble, which i assume some will love, but me, i’m a greedy bastard, i want it all :smiling_imp:


I really don’t like Dirt Rally 2 and their a la cart menu of cars and tracks. It’s been on decent sales but you’re still looking at 140€ extra if you want all the tracks. I thought the first one was starting to feel like it didn’t have enough tracks and especially variety among them to work with. How far is the basic inclusions of Dirt Rally 2 going to last?

I mean you don’t even get Finland in the base price.


IIRC the email said Dirt Rally 2 includes DLC. Not sure which ones.


It’s just 3 car DLCs, 4 cars in total.

If it was the two upgrade “deluxe” package DLCs then that would have been another thing.


I’m not too peeved regarding Dirt Rally 2. The whole bundle cost me £9.51 GBP. 95.1p per game. Snot bad at all.


The file size though! Jeezuz


You think you’re funny but you’re snot.

I am in for this month…I am glad I waited for a few. Now to figure out which ones I want. I am like @Gnuffi…I want them all :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


It’s already been almost two hours… Just feels like it’s taking forever, even though my internet is maxed at this speed… And the download servers have been fairly consistent.


I’ve played 5 rounds. I think I could have walked the circuits faster! :wink:


Two Point Hospital, Dirt Rally 2.0 and Graveyard Keeper in itself makes it absolutely worth it.


Just a reminder to everyone, 3 days left to pause for this month if you don’t want the February monthly. I just about remembered to do it myself right now.


I keep going back and forth on this one myself. Several games that I want but I don’t think I want the whole bundles worth.


I think that I liked humble monthly better than humble choice. It is a pretty good deal anyway :grinning:


TBH I prefer choice, cause I see the games before choosing to pay rather than only knowing what I get after I pay.


@Vindace Willing to split with ye once we can agree on stuff some other time. Right now, I got the 3 I wanted in trade, but hit me up on PM if you’re on the fence again.

@KittiBear I agree my wholesome bear-meow - lucky dipping is fun, but I much prefer this way. Gives you time to decide if you really want to go for it or not.

@Fraggles Yup. I paused that sucka so hard. “Are you sure you want to pause?” Dude. Yes please. Hop to it.


This is my new favourite thing ever :heart_eyes::heart:
Thank mew, nyan